Today we are approaching to talk about one of the largest automobile manufacturer brands in the United States. The Chrysler automobile brand logo is the actual talking point today. Let’s move forward to know the history, evolution, and meaning of this car symbol.  

The short description of the Chrysler brand


Company birth: 1925

company type: Subsidiary

Company Industry: Automobile

The founder: Walter P. Chrysler

Company origin: The United States

What is the meaning of the Chrysler logo?

The logo design works as the sole identity of the company. Although there is no specific meaning, the logo delivers some messages about the company’s motive.

The unique Chrysler emblem used to be designed by way of Oliver Clark, who was stimulated by the Roman myths. The emblem was once composed of a wax seal photo with two wings, symbolizing speed. The seal used to be supposed to be a great mark of the Chrysler company.

However, in the next evolution, the wings were removed to express different meanings. Overall the logo only reflects a strong connection of making high-speed cars with greater quality in it.

The history and evolution of the Chrysler logo

Historically it is seen that the first logo was designed in the year 1928. It was three years later the formulation of the company. However, the designer of the logo is unknown. Understandably, the design was based on the instruction of the founder Walter P. Chrysler. But, the first Chrysler logo creator is Oliver Clark.

As years have gone by, the company has turned into a subsidiary automobile company. After the foundation of the company, the founder Walter Chrysler collaborated with the general motor brand to do marketing on the root level.

Otherwise, doing business on a root level is difficult with proper trust. In the first years, the company failed to earn the trust of customers. However, as days have gone fast the brand, become one of the most talkative automobile manufacturers.

The evolution of the Chrysler logo

The evolution of the Chrysler logo

Image: The evolution of the Chrysler logo

Here is the evolution of the Chrysler logo in a nutshell. Historically, the logo of Chrysler was redesigned more than ten times. The first Chrysler symbol was designed in 1928. It is considered the original symbol of the Chrysler brand.

That logo has the wings of an eagle which is similar to the lot’s car company symbols of that time. However, the written name on the middle part of the logo is simply magnificent. Overall, the original symbol was to show the speed and high quality of producing automobiles.

The first change of the Chrysler logo came in the year 1930. In that change, the wings weren’t there. Also, the symbol transformed from silver to a golden shade. Then in 1936, the wing’s featured logo was back.

Then in 1950 and 1951 two quick resigns were spotted on the logo. In 1951 the company planned a new brand — a third-dimensional bird, reflecting pace and progress. He was the promotional face of the company for four years.

Updates came on multiple occasions till 2009. When we first saw the running logo of the Chrysler brand. The magnificent logo is designed based on the first one. Customers have accepted this logo. Since 2009 the company has been using this symbol as the leading face.

Chrysler logo – explanation

The Chrysler emblem from 2009 is an elegant and based interpretation of its winged emblems. The seal is nowhere to be found with the aid of the blue line with a wordmark. The third-dimensional wings have smoother and fuller lines, which seem to be balanced and sophisticated.

The current Chrysler logo

Image: The current Chrysler logo

The current logo has some leading meanings too. And making this kind of design the company showed some strong reasons too. The blue and silver palette of the Chrysler brand is a reflection of the brand’s good business.


The running Chrysler logo is in silver color. However, the middle part of the name of the company is on a blue plate. The main design has some black lines. You will not see more different colors except those mentioned colors.


In this customized logo, the company used its customized fonts. However, the typed letters are in capital format. Inside the middle part, the name is also in capital form.


From the current logo, we get a strong message about the company. As the Chrysler brand is one of the leading manufacturers of cars, they kept this message on this symbol. Moreover, the main message is to show the longevity and strong manufacturing of automobiles.

The complete thought of the current Chrysler logo

Today’s version of Chrysler’s winged emblem sees a pair of dependent silver wings matched with a Chrysler inscription on deep blue heritage in the middle. Despite the removal of the historical wax seal sign, the brand reflects the brand’s legacy through the trademark silver wings and looks state-of-the-art and present-day thanks to its sleek form and silver shade. The current is a three-dimensional great-looking logo.

To wrap it up

The logo is the main face of the company. Likewise, the Chrysler logo is the leading face of the company. The current logo has high value and has been running as the main theme of the company since 2009.

This particular logo is based on the original Chrysler logo. Moreover, this symbol comes with a strong message to make a strong relationship with the customers.


This frequently asked questions part has some common questions and their answers. All that important information is based on the logo design. Let’s see the important part.

Who designed the Chrysler logo?

The original Chrysler logo designer is Oliver Clark. However, the redesigned logos are not done by him. Surprisingly, the designs focused on the original logo.

Is Chrysler a luxury brand?

Directly answering these questions is tough. Because the brand makes different types of cars. However, their main business is to provide top-level cars to users. Therefore, you can say that the brand makes luxurious cars in collaboration with brands like Dodge, Jeep, and Ram.

Does the current Chrysler logo look attractive?

The current Chrysler logo is based on the traditional logo of this brand. It has a deep connection with the original logo. Therefore, the current logo looks so beautiful. As the logo is printed in three dimension format. It looks better even with the lights.

Will the Chrysler logo design change again?

There is a slight chance that the logo design will be changed in the future. As the company has changed the logo more than 10 times to make the design more trendy. Therefore, there is a chance of changing the design in the near future to cope with the modern trend.