The Lincoln logo is a distinctive emblem that features a silver-colored, stylized representation of a winged, four-pointed star enclosed within a silver circle. The word “Lincoln” is written in cursive font above the emblem, often in black or silver. The logo has undergone several iterations over the years, but the basic design elements have remained consistent.

Henry M Leland founded the Lincoln motor company in 1917. Since then Lincoln motor company has become so much a favorite of car lovers. Most users have queries about the symbol of the Lincoln motor company. Thus, in this post, you will know the history, meaning, and more necessary information about Lincoln company’s logo.

The short story of the Lincoln brand

Founded: August 1917
Company nature: Divisional

Company founder: Henry M Leland, Wilfred Leland
Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Company productions: Luxury car
Parent organization: Ford Motor Company

Presidents: Kumar Galhotra, Joy Falotico
Official Website:

What is the meaning of the Lincoln logo?

The Lincoln motor brand logo comes with a straightforward meaning. The name on the logo is attached to represent the brand. Moreover, there is a symbol that shows the high-performance car-making ability of the brand.

Lincoln’s visible identification has a wealthy record and a lot of variations of its explanation. Regardless of the unique Lincoln emblem idea, it is an image of the luxury brand.

The symbol only shows the progress of the company as well as the intention of moving forward. You can even identify the direction the company is heading by the logo design. The Lincoln logo is the ultimate recognition of the company.

A logo identifies the brand with the expression of the brand works. That work includes the present, past, and future of the company.

The history and the evolution of the Lincoln logo

The company began its journey in 1917, with a symbol that was the prominent face of the company. That logo was designed under the idea of the founder Henry M Leland.

Lincoln brand logo evolution

While talking about the logo, it is easy to mix the badges of different vehicle companies. It no longer includes problematic factors and resembles a Lincoln star. There are various variations of the beginning of its logo.

Some people also say that the signal used to be made in the structure of a compass whilst others stick to the concept that it is a star. The last model of the brand was once formally registered during the 50s after quite a few adjustments and modifications.

The foremost function of the badge is the reality that despite its simplicity it is pleasing and recognizable amongst all followers of luxurious limousines. It made a notable effect on income amplifying the right popularity of the company. In other words, Lincoln’s megastar turned out to be a profitable marketing campaign. It represents status and magnificence in every detail.

The first logo of the Lincoln car brand

In 1917, they delivered the symbol as their first applicable logo. It used to be a vaguely oval form with extra extensions in the pinnacle and bottom, as nicely as curvature right here and there. In appearance, it was metallic. The central oval bit used to be encircled through a frame that resembled a ribbon with two laurel branches at the bottom.

That first logo was the most famous among all other designs over the years. However, that first logo only continued its journey for five years. Then another change happened.

The notable change in the lincoln car brand logo

In 1922, the first evolutionary logo was bought before the public as the main icon of the company. It was once a vaguely oval structure with extra parts in the pinnacle and bottom, as nicely as not known curvature right here and there. In look, it was metallic.

After that, the logo has been changed on multiple occasions. The company mainly bought those changes to deal with the design with the time and demand of the customers. Apart from mentioning the first logo and second design information about other changes are not necessary.

Yet we have a mansion about the change in the Lincoln logo in 1972. The design stayed for the longest period as the leading face of the company.

They used components of the preceding graph in this particular design. There is a smaller black photograph that shows the pass contraption from before, contained in a rectangle. Here, it’s less complicated to see that it’s barely bloated. They additionally create the structure an awful lot greater easy and extra smooth. This brand serves as a low brand above the brand’s name. The latter is formed by the usage of thin, capitalized letters in an easy sans-serif font. The characters are positioned at a massive distance from one other.

Notable information: Although was a self-beneficial company, it is now part of Ford motor company.

Lincoln logo – Explained

Let’s know about the current Lincoln car logo, which was designed in 2012. At present, this logo is considered the main face of the company.

The subsequent layout used different elements. The go brand from earlier is a bit different. They reduce the traces so that they don’t go past their frame. There is a white defined around their tips, you can see them towards the rectangle. They put it on the logotype’s left side. Separated from it via a vertical line, there is additionally a textual content element. It’s a two-line written bit, written in a comparable font as before, however with bolder letters and minimum distance between. The textual content reads ‘The Lincoln Motor brand.

The shape of the current Lincoln car brand logo

It is nonetheless undescribed what the origins of the Lincoln brand structure are. Some customers commented that the badge shows a compass with palms that are forwarded to all 4 components of the globe. At the same time, some humans say that the emblem has a legit title which is Lincoln Star.

The color of the Lincoln logo

The color of the Lincoln emblem is silver. It is mainly used for Lincoln Star which is positioned above the brand’s name. This shade displays elegance, luxury, and special fashion which can be discovered in every mannequin produced by the way of this world’s well-known car creator.

The Lincoln Motor Company, which is a luxury vehicle division of the Ford Motor Company, has been using this logo since 1927. The emblem is intended to convey a sense of elegance, sophistication, and innovation, which are qualities that the Lincoln brand has become known for.

In recent years, Lincoln has introduced new designs and branding elements to modernize its image and appeal to younger, more tech-savvy consumers. However, the winged-star emblem remains an iconic symbol of the brand’s long history of automotive innovation and luxury.


Final thoughts

There is no doubt that the logo of the Lincoln brand has been changed on multiple occasions. However, the company became very popular through its quality service. Thus the logos became the front face of the Lincoln brand’s introduction. Overall, the present logo is very much consistent with the new generation and current time. Therefore, the Lincoln car brand’s logo has become very popular among car lovers.


Know more information about the Lincoln car logo from here.

What is the meaning of the current Lincoln car logo?
The current logo is featured with a continental star, which follows the logo format of the 1950s. It symbolizes companies’ true quality of making quality automobiles.

What does the Lincoln logo look like?
The first logo featured a framed four-pointed star. However, the continental mark on the logo was introduced in the year of 1956. And the current logo is also based on this particular design.

Is Lincoln considered a luxury brand?
The Lincoln car brand is considered very luxurious in the United States. It is famous for making top-class cars.

Will the logo change shortly?
The change time of logo design is unpredictable. However, if the company thinks there is a need to bring changes, they might change the logo shortly.

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