The Mercedes-Benz logo design is wonderful and raised many questions for the audience. Here, in this article, a complete analysis of the Mercedes-Benz logo will help you to find all the answers to your questions. No more delay, see forward to know all the information.

A short description of the Mercedes-Benz logo design

The Mercedes Benz Current Logo

Company origin: Germany
Company introduction: 28 June 1926
Company product: Automobile brand
Owner: Mercedes-Benz AG
Parent organization: Mercedes-Benz Group

Subsidiaries: Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

What is the meaning of the Mercedes-Benz logo?

The Mercedes-Benz logo was initially introduced to show respect for the founder Gottlieb Daimler and his family members. The founder didn’t necessarily want any promotion from the company. The whole family wanted the betterment of the company. Thereby, the logo design only shows companies’ aims and represents the company to the public.

From the logo, you will get two different meanings. Together, the Mercedes-Benz star’s three factors signify the brand’s pressure for familiar motorization — however, every factor has its character meaning. The points signify land, sea, and air — environments the corporation believed they would one day dominate with Mercedes-Benz engines.

The largest trade got here in 1926 when the pioneering organizations Daimler and Benz merged. The event used to be marked with the Mercedes-Benz 3-pointed star’s enclosure in a circle — developing the manufacturer mark that definitely would go on to international renown!

More explanation of the Mercedes-Benz logo indications

As Mercedes-Benz is one of the largest producers of racing and expensive cars, the logo expresses its meaning through the initial design. With the three-star marking the company shows their automobile’s capability of adaptability.

The logo describes the approach to making powerful vehicles but also shows the vehicle’s adaptability. Mercedes-Benz badge indicates the mobility and high-quality producing ability of the company.

The history and evolution of the Mercedes-Benz logo

The initial records of Mercedes-Benz started again in 1890 when the business enterprise was once headquartered by engineer and industrial clothier Gottlieb Daimler. Daimler’s sons Paul and Adolf would continue to be concerned when Wilhelm Maybach and Emil Jellinek set out as the owner of the company. In 1909, the Daimler brothers used an 1872 postcard from their father as a notation for the company icon. On the postcard, the area of their home was once marked with the aid of a 3-pointed star. That year, the enterprise (then known as Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, or DMG) obtained the logo. Initially colored blue, the emblem used to be tailored with a laurel wreath border in 1926 and modified to silver in 1934.

The evolution of the Mercedes-Benz logo

Throughout the years, the logo has gone through so many changes. In this part, you will see the different types of Mercedes-Benz logos and their redesigns over the years.

The first Mercedes-Benz logo (1902-1909)

Mercedes Benz Logo

The original Mercedes brand used to be composed of a strict oval badge, which was once placed horizontally and painted with a sans-serif wordmark, the place all the letters had been in specific sizes, enlarging to the middle and then getting smaller to the right side.

Logo evolution in a nutshell

The evolution of the Mercedes-Benz logo

Later in 1909, the logo design was slightly different. The name of the company was in a sans-serif font. In 1916, another change occurred. After that in 1926, another nice logo came in.

In 1933 the burgundy background logo came in keeping the previous shade. However, the significant change came in 1933. That logo lasted for more than three decades. Today’s Mercedes-Benz logo design follows this design.

Later in 2009, the three dimension logo was introduced. The company was so happy with the design. Therefore, the Mercedes-Benz still carries the same design as in 2009. And the powerful Mercedes-Benz logo has been in progress in a three-dimensional mode since 2011.

The explanation of the Mercedes-Benz logo

The current Mercedes-Benz logo is a known icon in the automobile industry. As the company’s progression is positive, the logo also got a positive impression from the whole world. An explanation of the logo design is in the immediate section.

The Mercedes Benz Current Logo


The star that grew to become the Mercedes icon was once firstly viewed by way of Gottlieb Daimler as a photo defending his very own home. Later on, this photograph received extra semantic significance and meaning. Three (the quantity of the rays) used to be regarded to be a sacred number, the quantity of perfection. The three factors ‒ are water, air, and land. The symbol mainly shows the versatility of the company’s production ability.


The logo comes in a round shape. In the middle of the round border, a three-dimensional star is there. That comes with the symbolistic meaning, which was previously mentioned. Apart from that, the logo appears on white background. By the way, the logo looks simple and classic simultaneously.


Color is another important factor of any logo. That Mercedes-Benz icon features a gray color. In the background, the logo is white. Thus, it delivers a three-dimensional effect. In the meantime, the logo looks so attractive on car fronts when lights move on it. Therefore, during the driving period, the logo delivers extra effect.


The print aspect used to be in the Mercedes emblem solely in the first third period of the twentieth century. As a result, it used to be determined to abandon it. It happened as the company had already grown.

As the font has in no way carried out the fundamental feature in the logo, it is tough to say anything about its area of expertise or even individuality. This is a basic font that is handy and adequate to read, with identical line thickness in all the letters.

Concluding words

Undoubtedly, Mercedes-Benz is a prominent automobile producer brand in the world. It has unique designs of cars. All over the world, customers love to have cars from this brand. Historically, it seems that the Mercedes-Benz logo works as the prominent face of the company.

After multiple changes in the logo design, the brand is using the same design logo from 2011. In today’s time that particular logo has the same appeal. Thereby, the company has kept this one even in this modern period. Hopefully, the company keeps the same logo as the main icon in the upcoming years.

Here in this section, you will see answers to common questions regarding this logo design.
The three-pointed star meaning of the Mercedes logo?
The original Mercedes logo was a gold star. That three-pointed star mainly arrived from the postcards of the owner’s father. However, the three-star main refers to comfort, luxuriousness, and high quality. Another thought says these three stars represent the sea, air, and land.
Is the running Mercedes-Benz logo good enough?
The running logo looks amazing while driving the car. As this logo comes in three-dimensional it is extraordinary. Therefore, it is good enough.
When was the current Mercedes logo designed?
The current version of the Mercedes-Benz logo was designed in 2011. Since then the company hasn’t brought any redesigned logos. Still, this logo has high appeal to the audience.
Will the Mercedes-Benz logo change?
Usually, the Mercedes logo’s changes come after so many years. This current logo has been running the show since 2011. However, if the company thinks changes are necessary, then it may approach change.

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