The Infiniti is a luxurious car brand and sub-division of the famous automaker Nissan.The Infiniti car logo especially became more popular than the brand itself. That mainly happened due to the eye-catching design and hidden meaning of this logo. 


Therefore, here our talking point will be the famous Infiniti car logo, design, colors, and meaning. Hopefully, you will enjoy the whole segment. 


Key information about the Infiniti car logo

Established: 8, November 1989
Logo designer: Lippincott Mercer
Origin: Yokohama, Japan
Logo intent: Pushing beyond boundaries
Main company: Nissan brand

What does the Infiniti car logo mean?

The Infiniti logo was inspired by the Infiniti symbol of mathematics. Therefore, it resembles no boundaries or limits of exclusiveness just like the mathematical term of Infiniti. Generally, logos are used to introduce companies. Subsequently, the Infiniti car logo also introduces the boundary-breaking automation and design of the company. 

When we focus on the literal meaning, we may not find so much relevance in the meaning. However, if you focus on the inner meaning and the intent of the company, surely you will see the signal of pushing beyond limits. 

Although the logo has similarities with the shape of the infinity symbol, surprisingly the brand doesn’t recognize the claim. According to the company, the Infiniti car logo has a double meaning. The symbol in the logo deeply represents Mount Fuji, a reflection of Japanese origin. 

The history of the Infiniti car logo

There is an amazing history of the Infiniti car logo. The mother brand Nissan was trying to launch a new series of cars that will push the boundaries of limits. Eventually, they shared their opinion with leading advertising company Lippincott Mercer to make the logo. 

Puls, identifying a proper brand name for the marquee was also possessed on the shoulder of that advertising company. 

The advertising company fulfilled the demand of the Nissan brand on November 8, 1989. The company came out with the Infiniti name and symbolic design of Mount fuji to fill up the Nissan brand’s expectations. Also, the name was short enough to comply with companies expectations. 

Surprisingly, the Infiniti car logo hasn’t changed from its beginning. So, there is no question of evolution. However, this logo has a transparent style too. That transparent variant can be identified as some evolution. 

Infiniti car logo – Design, color 

The amazing Infiniti car logo looks so classy. The logo idea is to mix up the mathematical term Infiniti and Fuji mountain. Thereby, from the side angles, it looks like the number 8, and eventually from the straight-on view, it resembles Fuji mountain.

On a black circle, the outside part comes in a different color. The boundary edges are not similar all around. Subsequently, the boundaries are in white shade. That’s why the simple logo looks so live. 

Behind this amazing design of the logo, top designer intervention is a must. However, this logo doesn’t contain any fonts in it. Yet the design looks so bright when the lights of other vehicles fall on the symbol. Overall from the designing aspect, the Infiniti car logo will get a 90% or above mark. 

To wrap it up

The Infiniti car logo is a design masterpiece. This art has proper meaning and a classic appearance, unlike some other car logos. According to the initial intent of the Nissan brand, the Infiniti cars are doing well on the market. The Infiniti car series’ exclusive design and magnificent performance completely resemble the meaning of the Infiniti logo.

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If you have queries regarding the Infiniti logo, find the answers in the adjacent section.

Is INFINITI an expensive car brand?

Yes, the Infiniti car is not for all people. This is an exclusive edition of the Nissan brand. The initial intent of bringing the Infiniti car was to show the limitless style and performance. That’s why the Infiniti car is an expensive one. 

Is INFINITI made by Nissan or Toyota?

The Infiniti car was introduced on the market as the wing of the Nissan brand. Still, the Nissan brand is the mother ambassador of the Infiniti car brand.

Who designed the Infiniti car logo?

The famous advertising company Lippincott Mercer is the designer and the name provider of the Infiniti car. 

Will the Infiniti car logo change in the future?

There is a possibility of a change in the Infiniti logo design in the future. if the brand collaboration breaks up. However, changing such a famous logo design is tough and can harm marketing.