Dodge is very popular with its customers and significantly stands as a leading car brand in the world. Consequently, the Dodge car logo also became people’s favorite one and was of huge interest to car lovers around the world. Therefore, in this following conversation, you will get all the important information about the dodge car logo.  

The short description of the dodge car brand


Company birth: 1900

Industry: Automobile manufacturing and supply

Company founder: John Francis Dodge

Horace Elgin Dodge

Company headquarter: Michigan, United States

What is the meaning of the dodge car logo?

From the current logo, the meaning is not so clear. As the logo comes with reflective meaning and has some hidden thoughts in it, only logo researchers have an idea about its meaning.

According to our logo scholars, the logo reflects the company name which works as a nameplate. However, the company intends to show its will of making great automobiles through this logo design. It always reflects high-quality automobile production.

The red color indicates companies’ intentions of making top cars. Moreover, the name on the logo shows the company’s value as well as respect for the founders. A brand logo mainly works as the identity of the company.

That symbolizes companies’ business sometimes or even companies’ intentions. Moreover, a great company’s logo also becomes a valuable asset for the company. Therefore, the dodge car logo is not just a sign, it is more than that.

The history of the dodge car logo

This first logo was designed more than 100 years before today. Thereby, no one exactly knows the actual designer of that logo. However, it is believed that the company hired a professional designer to design this logo.

Since the design of the first logo, the dodge has changed on multiple occasions. The logo was designed to represent the company. Therefore, the name was on the middle part of that circular logo. That first logo was displayed or came in front of people in the year 1914.

The present dodge logo was designed in 2010. Still, that very design is working well in the current time. The current generation of car lovers accepts this logo and has no plan of bringing new changes to the logo for the time being.

The evolution of the dodge car logo

Dodge is the company that has modified its brand logo over the years multiple times, – and now not slightly, but completely. The first Dodge emblem used to be developed in 1910 and lasted the longest length of time. That shows the company’s focus on making logos.

The evolution of the doge car logo

Image: The evolution of the doge car logo

As the company started business in 1910 the official logo was designed that year. That logo was the prominent face of the dodge brand for the next four years, till the update in the year 1914.

That update lasted for 14 years and was finally redesigned in the year of 1928. However, the written logo format later came as the front face of the company. It was completely different from the previous one. That logo lasted for more than 25 years.

Later in 1955, 1962,1964,1980,1994 and 2010 the logo was redesigned. The current logo is the logo of 2010 and is still going with the same design. But it is quite clear that with modern times the running logo may be updated in future time.

Dodge car logo – explanation

Many people don’t understand the company’s current logo. The sign and the font format are especially the main reason for all confusion. Let’s have the explanation part, to clear all the doubts about the running logo of the dodge car brand.

The current dodge car logo

Image: The current dodge car logo

Here in this part running logo design will be explained. Other logo designs are not necessary to know this time around.


NOTE: There are a lot of jokes following the present-day manufacturer image and the current primary picture of the logo. So, frequently bloggers exhibit the undoubted similarity between the picture of the ram and the stylized photograph of the woman’s reproductive process.


Since 1994 fashionable ram heads have been a promoting face of the company. Partly the speaking is about the signal of the zodiac – Aries – that, according to company legend, used to be a type of talisman of the Dodge brothers. In section due to the fact of the company’s conservatism, retaining their thoughts, as they say, with mutter persistence. And one of such traditions, extraordinarily treasured for the brand, is the renovation and protection of auto safety.


The contemporary logo of Dodge reflects the identity of the brand. The diagonal traces emphasize the title and provide the feeling of up direction. After all, traces can be viewed as fashionable avenues dividing lines.


The company pays special attention to putting the brand name in the logo. It’s a common idea of drawing car company logos. Many logos got famous for the name on the logo. Most people also call this way of drawing logos nameplates.

 Here creators used horizontally stretched graphical signs on the name. Generally, it’s a customized font, used by the company and designed by the creators only for this logo. That’s why no names of the font are mentioned. However, most people also call it a dodge font. The letters are in capital format and black color.


The most important shades of the contemporary Dodge emblem are silver metal (font) and crimson (diagonal traces on the proper facet of the logo). Silver historically skips adherence to traditions and strives for technological perfection, purple – aggressive advertising and marketing policy, speed, and power.


As Dodge is a famous automobile company in the world, the logo of the company became so popular. Mainly because of the attractive design the logo gets a quick impression on people. As having a dodge logo on vehicles is a sign of pride, everyone wants this sign.

When it comes to the dodge logo, in one the logo is impressive. No other explanations are necessary here. However, the present dodge will change in the near future to move up with modern times.


This is the frequently asked section of the dodge logo. Here in this section get the necessary answers to some relevant questions on this topic.

Where did the Dodge logo come from?

Automobile artist Virgil Exner designed the Forward Look brand that was once on Chrysler motors from 1955. It used to be essentially two boomerang shapes intertwined to advocate ahead movement and progress.

Is the dodge car logo visible?

The red color makes this logo very visible even at night time. When light falls on the logo, the design looks so attractive. Moreover, in the gloomy weather, the logo has nice visibility too.

Will the current dodge car logo change again?

From the previous record, it is pretty clear that the dodge logo will be changed shortly. If the company thinks the time has come for some changes, then the ultimate change will happen.

Is the dodge car expensive?

Dodge automobile company makes different ranges of cars. However, they are well known for making mid-range cars and automobiles. But you will find lower and higher budget vehicles from this company.