GMC is one of 4 sectors of the American agency General Motors.GMC is one of 4 divisions of the American business enterprise General Motors. Today in this article we will know about the history of the GMC logo.

The short description of the GMC logo


The company name: General motors company

The foundation of the company: 1911

The founder of the company: William C. Durant

Company headquarter: United states of America

What is the meaning of the GMC logo?

The General Motors (GM) “Mark of Excellence” logo is broadly regarded one of the most immediately popular and famous car trademarks of the last two centuries.

Different parts of this logo have different meanings. Likewise the blue in the brand shows the excellence and authenticity of GM, white on the other hand shows the purity, integrity, and appeal

The history and evolution of the GMC logo

When it comes to the history and the evolution of the GMC logo, you have to dig deep. The history of the logo and company is very old. Surprisingly, today’s GMC logo successfully crossed over half centuries, and is still considered as the promoting face of the company.

According to historical suggestions the existing GM brand’s logo was designed by Bianca Iacopelli who was a renowned graphics designer at that time. She comes from a heritage of artists. While her mom is a fairly normal illustrator, her grandfather is a talented sculptor and painter. Iacopelli, 29, started drawing at the age of 5 and, thinking about her genes, determined her calling pretty early.

The evolution of the GMC logo

After passing successfully 50 years the company approached to bring changes in the logo design. Consequently, In early 2021, GM introduced that after over 50 years, the organization would alternate the exclusive, iconic GM logo. The existing GM logo displays the automaker’s footsteps into the electric powered car world.

GMC logo

Image: GMC logo

But the first evolution of the logo began way back in 1908. The first logo was untouched for 30 years. And then the company started to make changes on the logo designed in the year of 1938. That logo also remained untouched and the main face of the company for 34 years and more. But the shortage change on the GMC logo was done in 1964. That slight evolution lasted only for 3 years till the biggest change on the logo design happened. Later on in 1967 the most famous logo was designed by the renowned graphics designer. That revolutionary logo lasted for more than half a century.

Although some changes on the logo design were made in 2001 and 2010 those were only identical. Finally, the most recent change was spotted in 2021. The company claims that the change was made to move forward with the new time. Consequently, the company is still moving forward with the latest logo.

The final touch on the GMC logo in 2021

The letter “M” has a much brighter sky blue look in this current emblem and is portrayed as an electric-powered twine plug. This is carried out tastefully to symbolize the organization transferring ahead and searching into the future days.

The explanation of the GMC logo

On this part, we will only focus on the current logo design of this famous brand. After 60 years, the new change was brought on the logo design. In this evolution the company tried to highlight the mode of making electric vehicles as well as using the latest technology and sustainability.

The current GMC logo

Image: The current GMC logo

The very new model has the acronym “GM” written in lowercase form and positioned in a rectangular shape with rounded corners of the borderline.

This super-soft layout providing a white and blue coloration scheme emphasizes the auto maker’s wish to maintain the surroundings with the aid of defending the air, clouds, and sky. The maker depicted the focused letter “m” as an electrical wire plug.

Furthermore, beneath the letters is an underline that reflects an impromptu socket. Next to the letter “m,” there’s the letter “g” with a shortened tail, which seems adjacent in height.


The GM brand has usually used a well known shade scheme. It has constantly been a mixture of blue and white, the shade of which has been frequently changed. The unique model used a black and white shade scheme.


Using proper font with the design is absolutely a vital thing of forming a logo design. The fundamental font for the “GM” acronym is a san-serif font kind recognised as Gothic FB Cond Medium. It points straight letters as properly as a curvy “G” beneath to visually provide it stability.

Some essential information about the GMC brand

Over 120 years of long successful business movements always has some ups and downs. The General Motors Company, generally recognized as General Motors (GM), is an American car producer that used to be the biggest carmaker globally for most of the 1900s and early 2000s.

But in early days General Motors used to be hooked up as General Motors Company in 1908 underneath William C. Durant’s management consolidated various motorized vehicle businesses manufacturing Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Oakland (later Pontiac), Marquette, Ewing, and different vehicles, as well as Rapid and Reliance trucks.

GMC also faced the worst situation in the early days of 2010. The company faced bankruptcy and a bailout during that time. But the brand turned the bad time into a fortunate time.

The brand makes its automobiles in 33 one-of-a-kind countries around the world. In 2009, GM manufactured over 9 million vehicles and automobiles globally underneath manufacturers such as Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer, Holden, Pontiac, Opel, Saturn, Vauxhall, and Saab.

GM has a majority share in South Korea’s GM Daewoo Auto and Technology and has shared ventures in making and science with different automobiles around the world.


If you make a list of some successful automobile companies around the world, the name of General Motors (GM) will be on top of the list. Likewise, the logo design of the brand also got the famousity around the world. Most people don’t consider the current design of the logo as the most iconic one. However, the previous one lasted for over 60 years. Maybe this logo will surpass this long time and become the front face of the company.


In the following section, see some essential discussions of frequently asked questions.

What does the logo GMC mean?

The red color means the raw power of the engine in the making of an automobile. The company makes top-quality vehicles that resemble the iconic GMC logo.

Why is the GMC emblem red?

Using red means the sign of danger. However, on the GMC logo the red color was used to make the logo visible in front of people’s eyes.

Is the GMC a multinational company?

Yes, the GMC is a multinational automobile manufacturing company. That is successfully doing operations from 35 countries all over the world.

Will the GMC logo design change again?

In the future the GMC logo design will be changed. Every company wants to move forward with the time. The GMC company also keeps the trend and moves forward. Therefore, in future time the logo design will be changed.