Today you will know about the famous Buick logo, which was started in the last century. Let’s move forward to have more notable information.

The short description of the Buick automobile brand


Company origin: Detroit, Michigan, United States.

Company founder: David Dunbar Buick

Birth: 1899

Industry: Automobile

Parent company: General motors

What is the meaning of the Buick logo?

The Buick logo comes with a high reflective meaning of the automobile industry. The logo represents the powerhouse or engines and the intention to supply high-quality automobiles worldwide.

The first recognized Buick company was once designed in 1904 and featured a man strolling on a globe. That means the company wants to supply strong materials featured in automobiles around the world. However, some people have other interpretations of the meaning of the logo.

Another commentary about the meaning says it is the responsibility of the company to supply new and trendy automobiles all over the world without making compromises on the quality. The company is committed to providing high-quality automobiles and doing great innovation in the automobile sector.

The history and the evolution of the Buick logo

Buick Motor Company has a lengthy history, courting again to the 1890s. The ultimate beginning date is May 19, 1903, but the brand’s roots go again to 1899 when David Buick tinkered in plumbing, and farm/boat power generators or engines and then made the Buick Auto-Vim and Power brand, which offered engines for the farm and boat markets.

The manufacturer is a subsidiary of GMC. The GMC is the main agency in the USA car market. The Buick brand, named after its founder, David Dunbar Buick, has a lengthy and highly colorful visible identification history. The brand’s emblem used to be redesigned in more than a dozen instances and got here to its broadly regarded fashion in the 1950s.

During its history, the company used wordmarks, shields, and even a hawk as a phase of its emblem. But it was once usually an illustration of a sturdy brand.

The evolution of the Buick logo

It has been more than 100 years since the logo was designed. The design comes with hidden meaning and it was the most iconic design the Buick brand has ever produced. However, the logo design only lasted for only one year.


Buick logo 1904

Image: Buick logo 1904

The first acknowledged Buick brand used to be designed in 1904 and contains a man strolling on a globe of the world. It used to be completed in a sepia palette and stayed with the manufacturer for solely one year, but it is one of the most iconic automobile trademarks in history.


Buick logo 1905

Image: Buick logo 1905

With this evolutionary change, the logo design completely changed. Here came a black plate with a round shape. Moreover, the Buick logo was written in the middle of the logo. In the surroundings, the “the car of the quality” slogan was pointed out.

Later changes happened in the year 1911. Here the B letter symbol came and the Buick was written on the logo design.

After that, another change came in the Buick logo in 1913. That change lasted for 17 years till 1930 see the latest design.

The famous logo has gone through so many changes. Consequently, The first Buick crest was once created in 1937. It was once based totally on the historic coat of palms of the company’s founder’s family.

A very fascinating time for the Buick visible identity started in the 1970s. The company desired to test and code a hawk as its design.

The hawk is particularly special and the wordmark seems on the logo. It is finished in white, which creates a brilliant distinction with the crimson background. The “Happy Hawk” stays with the manufacturer for four years.

So many changes were made to the logo design of the famous brand. Mentioning all those changes is not necessary. However, we have mentioned the notable changes in the post. But the recent change happened to the logo design in the year 2022. Still, the logo is considered the prominent face of the company.

Buick logo: explanation

The Current Buick Logo

Image: The Current Buick Logo

We already explained the notable logo of the brand’s history. However, you might want to know the current logo of the Buick brand with a clear explanation. To get your answer to see the adjacent part.

The remodel of 2022 has expanded the Buick emblem to a new level, making it very simple, but preserving the unique concept and roots of the emblem’s format.

It is about the three vertically stretched crests, but the recent art comes in monochrome, with simply thick black stains on a simple white background design.

The current logo doesn’t come with any frames nor with any written letter. Plus, this logo is clean and doesn’t feature any slogan.

The crests are pointed in a middle horizontal line, with small areas from all others, and have no extra factors — the rounded body and the uppercase logotype from the preceding model had been cleaned.


Most people believe in changes and being trendy. To convince these people and choose the Buick brand is a great example. The company keeps bringing new logos to satisfy the fan’s choices. Moreover, the brand comes with a favorable desire of bringing people on the stage of providing great automobiles. For more than centuries, Buick is doing great and making high-quality automobiles.


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What is the origin of the word Buick?

The Scottish word Angus or Perthshire is considered the origin of the Buick word. However, the meaning of Buick is unknown.  

What is Buick named after?

It is believed that David Dunbar Buick used to be a Scottish-born American Detroit-based inventor, high-quality regarded for founding the Buick Motor Company. Based on the founder’s name, the company name was Buick.

The origin of the Buick brand?

Buick is a North American motor brand. However, the founder was a Scottish American. Therefore, some misconceptions also have on the name of the logo.

Will the Buick logo change in the future?

The Buick logo was changed several times in the past. That means the Buick logo will be changed shortly. The company brings new logos based on the modern trend. If the company thinks the change should be done in the future there will change.