RAM  – a well-reputed American automobile company that used to be once a model name for the Dodge trucks. But, today, they stand still and have their own brand to showcase. They have gained huge popularity among the people for their premium quality vehicles and services.

So, do you know their background history or anything about the RAM car logo?

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The Overview of the RAM car logo

Predecessor: Fargo Trucks
Founded On: 2010
Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
Parent: Chrysler
Owner: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Official Website: ramtrucks.com

What is the meaning of the RAM Car Logo?

These brands come with a stylish RAM head that is certainly unique compared to all the other brands. In fact, to your very surprise, this symbol is what makes them super easy to remember and distinguish among the crowd. After all, who could forget this elegant and classy RAM head?

Here, the RAM car logo means the force and the authority that the symbol of Aries holds. Besides, we all know that RAM is known as the King of the Trail. Hence, with keeping that concept in mind, the Dodge engineers have thought this symbol is a perfect one for this brand.

What is the history of the RAM Car Logo?

Originally, the RAM car logo belonged to the RAM Trucks parent brand, namely Dodge. That’s why, although they debuted and started their journey in the late 1920s, yet it didn’t become the standard brand badge up until the year 1993.

As per the statements of a company legend, the RAM’s head was at first used as the brand’s symbol. Later on, when it began getting recognition and fame, it was developed by one of the reputed American scupltures back then, Avard Tennyson Fairbanks. He was also the author of the Flying Lady aka Floating Power radiator caps for Chrysler.

The engineers of the RAM Car Brand told Fairbanks while doing the design to make it extremely eye-catchy as, like the Rolls Royce hood ornament but something that reflects and goes well with the vehicles coming with a lower price tag.

As a result, it took several days for Fairbanks to come up with the idea. In fact, initially, he made the sculptures of many animals, starting from Tiger to Jaguar, taking the help of an animal book written by William Hornaday. The idea of using the RAM sculpture also had struck his mind, but still, he continually thought to bring in some improvisations and arguments.

Later on, when he showed this RAM sculpture to the engineers of Dodge, they instantly liked and approved it, thinking that it was a great choice indeed. After all, RAM represents the King of the trail.

However, Walter Chrylser was a bit hesitant at first regarding it. As a result, the sculptor asked Chrysler a question to help him get rid of his doubts. The question was, “what word will cross your mind in case you see a RAM in the mountains?” “Dodge- this will be the ultimate answer” Right!

Upon hearing this, Crysler finally came to the realization of the symbolic potentiality this RAM sculpture holds, which with time, eventually made him more driven and enthusiastic about it.

Another reason for picking the RAM sculpture could be due to the Aries symbol – a series of positive connotations comprising of the power and authority.

The Iconic Evolution of the RAM Car Logo!

This car has undergone through four modifications from generation to generation till the designer thought the logo is now perfect. Till then, they went on making the modifications.

However, despite the frequency of alterations in the style, this logo hadn’t faced much dramatic changes compared to several other car logos. One thing that got expanded and transformed indeed was the identity symbol of the brand. Let’s be a part of all the changes that the RAM Car logo went through in these years:

1914 – 1969

This is the very first logo of the brand RAM, which was created in the year 1914. Featuring a bold uppercase of “Dodge Trucks,” this logo always gave a friendly and welcoming vibe with its strict yet simple and minimalistic black and white color combo.

Here, the logo is wordy and doesn’t contain much thing except for the inscription “Dodge Trucks,” which is written on a single line and in a stylized square font.

The inter-letter space is narrowed while the inter-word is kept wide. Each of the characters used in the symbol is unique, with “D” having flat serifs protruding to the left side, “O” and “G” being identical – they look like squares with having no serifs.

The letter “E” has an elongated horizontal stripe at its core, while the “U” and “C” letters are kept the same.

It seems like each of the letters is repeating each other with looking in different directions. The background of this logo is kept entirely white, while the lettering is done with black color to make it attractive to the eyes.

 RAM Car Logo 1

1969 – 1993

The logo got redesigned and was divided into 3 parts, with the upper rectangle showing a pentagon and a narrow star in the center. In the bottom layer, the brand’s full name is typed in without making any changes to its background. However, the letters were stenciled, bold, and stretched a bit upward with having no serifs.

In between the black rectangle, there is a white one, comprising of the brand’s name “Dodge,” written in a corporate style. These symbols appeared a bit wider compared to the previous versions and have a square shape along with the inscription comprising of a great combo of both the upper and lower case letters.

RAM Car Logo

1993 – 2009

This is the third transformation of the RAM Car logo. At this time of the year, while working on the second and third generation of the brand’s truck pickups, along with changing the logo, the maker even changed their name, which eventually gave birth to the Dodge RAM.

However, the brand got its orginal name after the décor right on the hood. The cool horn on the RAM’s head was first time printed on the Dodge cars in the 1930s.

Here, the placement of the animal is direct and appears menacingly from the side angle, pointing toward the forward direction with its wide horns.

Besides, the picture of the RAM is double: one being red (external) and the other one white (internal). You will find the word “RAM ” written in the bottom layer in columnar letters with thickened red lines.

2009 – Current Version of the RAM Car Logo

It is the current logo of the RAM with which we are familiar. With keeping the lettering style, the designers have totally redesigned the graphical portion. They have ideally kept the shield and RAM  picture but with changing the design.

You will find a 3D head of chrome with a gradient from light gray to lead from the RAM  hood trucks. The experts brought in a professional combination of the shadows while highlighting the 3D effects.

One of the striking things about this effect is they are structured arrangements with no kind of scattering. Besides, the head and horns come in the role play to fill in the entire inner space of the metalized protection with a volumetric fRAM e.

Final Thoughts

That’s all from the discussion regarding the RAM car logo.

Starting from making light-wright to heavier in weight trucks, cars, and SUVs – the RAM  has just got all covered! Although they began their journey with the trucks, but now they have a wide collection of the vehicles under their name, ultimately confusing people to choose which one. After all, each of their creation is just superb and incredible that too from all criteria.

Hence, based on your budget and requirements, go for the one that you think is the perfect one for you!

Lastly, Happy driving!

Frequently Asked Question

Have queries in your mind regarding the RAM Car logo? Take a look at the below-listed queries and get them solved right away:

Are Dodge and RAM Car the same?

They belong to the same parent companies but are two separate brands. Dodge creates passenger vehicles with high performance maintaining their heritage, while RAM is noteworthy for making pickup trucks.

Why are RAM trucks so famous?

The secret to the RAM truck’s so much popularity is certainly their uncompromising quality that they have always maintained for all these years. Besides, all of their vehicles come with a reasonable pricing tag, making it more convenient for people.

How much does a RAM Red cost?

A RAM Red can cost you around $64,945 approximately; however, based on the states and the shop, the price can vary a bit. So, make sure to do a bit of research while thinking of buying this monstrous vehicle.

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