The long legacy of the Alfa Romeo is quite impressive. It has been a leading automobile brand in Milan, Italy. The centuries-old history of the Alfa Romeo car symbol also became the front face of this brand. To know more about the Alfa Romeo car symbol, just keep your eyes on this blog.

Short description of Alfa Romeo car logo

Brand name: Alfa Romeo
Birth date: 1910
Headquarters: Milan, Italy
Logo design: attractive
Changes logo: Yes (Multiple times)


The meaning of the Alfa Romeo car symbol

Since its origin in 1910, the symbol of the Alfa Romeo car symbol has changed on multiple occasions. The main focus was to keep the logo trendy with time. The meaning of the Alfa Romeo logo is excellence and innovation.

Generally, the brand came with a motto of bringing excellence to the automobile sector. And their main intention was to make the company bigger day by day. That’s why they wanted to have an innovative team, who would revolutionize the car and automobile sector. Out and out the Alfa Romeo car logo reflects companies’ innovative practice, with the delivery of excellent qualities of vehicles on the field. The symbol can have different meanings, but the brand’s motto remains the same.

Alfa Romeo car symbol – explained

Here, the explanation of the current version of the Alfa Romeo car symbol is attached. Each part of this amazing logo has significance. Let’s see the explanation for growing a crystal clear idea on this logo.

The cross

In this logo, a red cross appears on the left horizontal side. It usually reflects the medieval Milanese soldiers during the crusades. Moreover, this cross also shows a tremendous amount of respect for the religion.

The serpent

On the right side of the logo, a symbol snake is shown. It is mainly inspired by the traditional and long reins of the Visconti family of Milan city. Here the snake is trying to eat the man, the logo certainly coming up with this typical scenario.

The man

On the other hand, there is a symbol of a male person, who is the victim of the snake. The sufferer of the serpent is possibly a Saracen or Moor, a connection with the Christian Crusades.

The knots

Now comes the point of the knot. While they have been finally eliminated from the Alfa Romeo symbol, the authentic Alfa Romeo brand featured ornamental Savoy knots dividing “Alfa” and “Romeo” at the brand’s border.

The crown

Well, there is a symbol of a crown in the logo that may have asked some questions from you. Or you might be thinking about the symbol of the crown. The laurel crown came in 1925 while the Alfa Romeo P2 received the inaugural Automobile World Championship, however, it was eliminated in 1982.

The border

This logo has a round border, with the brand name on it. The brand name is written in a completely white color and a more straightforward font style.

The color

When it comes to logo color, two colors come forward. On the Alfa Romeo logo, two different colors are used. All symbols and fonts are in complete white, while the background is black-coated.

The history and evolution of the Alfa Romeo car symbol

Across 100 years of the brand’s journey, the logo has undergone so many changes. However, the symbol had evolved rather than significantly changed. You can easily relate the current with the first symbol of the Alfa Romeo car logo.

That means changes are there, but there is also a relation with those changes. Historically, When the emblem began, Alfa Romeo turned into just “A.L.F.A.” or Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. Because of the sturdy touch of the town of Milan, the crest turned into a complete symbol to pay homage to the emblem’s roots. In 1915, Nicola Romeo was the person who took the helm and A.F.L.A. became “Alfa Romeo.” This extrude became visible withinside the brand of 1920, now known as “Alfa Romeo Milano.”

The most recent change came in 2015. It has been almost 7 years since the logo was still in the same shape. Maybe the time for the next change hasn’t come yet.
To wrap it up
For over 100 years, Alfa Romeo has been doing great business in the automobile sector. Especially in the making of luxurious and high-performance cars, the company has earned a high status. The Alfa car symbol has high significance in their successful journey. That’s why they keep the logo up to date.
In this following paragraph, you will find answers to some relevant questions on the Alfa Romeo car symbol.
What creature is on the Alfa Romeo logo?
The beautiful Alfa Romeo logo has a snake symbol on it. That snake is a Visconti serpent mostly recognized as Biscione.
What car symbol has a cross and snake?
The famous Alfa Romeo car symbol has symbols of a snake and crosses on it. Although this logo has seen many changes, the cross and snakes exist.
Is Alfa Romeo considered a luxury car?
Yes, this is a high-performance car from Italy. For More Than 120 years, the Alfa Romeo brand has been doing significant business and has manufactured many expensive cars.
Why is Alfa Romeo so special?
Alfa Romeo is special because of its advanced technology with the latest features. Plus, this brand’s cars come with comfort, road feedback, passion, and emotions for the riders. That’s why the Alfa Romeo is so special.