Jaguar luxury brand is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world. This famous brand has delivered high-quality cars on the market since its establishment. Let’s know the details about the Jaguar car logo and more relevant information from this article.

The short description of the Jaguar car brand


Foundation of the company: July 1933

Founding member: William Lyons

Head Office: Whitley, England

Main niche: The automobile manufacturer

What is the meaning of the Jaguar car logo?

The meaning of the jaguar car logo reflects the strength, elegance, high performance, and supreme power of the Jaguar. It resembles the power of the animal Jaguar on the performance of a nicely built car. The company wanted to show the spirit of its manufacturing through the symbol of the Jaguar.

As a result, the brand named itself the Jaguar brand and put a symbolistic form of a jaguar on the creation of the logo. However, on the jaguar logo, two different types of jaguar symbols are there.

  1. The leaping jaguar
  2. The roaring jaguar

The leaping jaguar

A different jaguar cat in mid-leap has a snarl on its face. Most of the time it looks like a jumping jaguar. This particular design was applied to the Jaguar hood ornament. Thereby, the badge has come front in silver, gray, and some similar colors.

The roaring jaguar

On a circular symbol with a front-facing silver jaguar, the cat was roaring. This particular image appears on a red background circled in silver.

Mainly, the logo represents the high-performance along with top-level styles of cars. That will surely deliver a breathtaking experience to you. It was the main intention of the company and the logo successfully delivered the message.

Jaguar car logo – explained

This famous company ownership has been transferred a couple of times. That’s why the logo design also changed. There are mainly two types of logo design. One is in eagle shape and the other one is in Jaguar shape. The focus point will be on the eagle shape and the present jaguar symbol logo on this writing.

The jaguar logo arrival

The first appearance of the Jaguar logo was spotted in 1945 first after the change of company ownership. Still, in today’s time, the logo only witnessed some identical changes. The modification of the logo happened in 2021.

Current Jaguar Logo

Image: Current Jaguar Logo

The jaguar logo has a symbol of the jumping jaguar. The animal is running fast to capture the targeted victim. The whole logo is drawn in silver color. The animal also comes in silver color.

On the other hand, the name of the brand is typed in silver color. The font is very similar to the Arial font. Moreover, the letters are typed in capital format. This logo easily matches in different places, due to the transparent background nature.

This logo is easy to recognize due to its 3D shape. People have good memories of the jaguar car, that’s why they have a positive mindset for this logo.

The history of the jaguar car logo

From the beginning of nearly one hundred years in the past in the UK, the Jaguar manufacturer has earned the interest of vehicle fans around the world. Operating as a phase of BMC and Ford, earlier than turning into a section of the Land Rover group, the Jaguar organization has developed over time, turning in ever-more first-rate cars.

However, the evolution of the jaguar car logo has two different phases. One is the Eagle shape logo which was the prominent face till 1945. However, in 1945 the arrival of the Jaguar symbol was spotted on the logo. The beginning of the jaguar symbol on the car logo is the second phase of this amazing history.

The history of the swallow sidecar company and logo evolution

Firstly, this company started as the Swallow sidecar company. The logo was in a completely different shape than today’s one. It was an Eagle shape logo that had two wings. On the middle part, the circular shape round symbol was the front face of the logo.

Swallow Sidecar Logo

Image: Swallow Sidecar Logo

In the blue circle, the company name was written in an Italic form on the red color border. Overall this logo has been a part of the company’s journey for more than 23 years. After changing this one, another Eagle shape logo was produced again by the company.

That logo also lasted for a handful of years. However, It was the last and the first Eagle-shaped logo of the old company. Later the new leadership brought the new jaguar shape logo.

Later the change in ownership brought a new logo design. The last and the most recent evolution in the logo shape came in 2012. Till then, the company is operating with the same logo.


Just like the brand, the Jaguar car logo has a strong identity. People who once used this car, are in love with the car. The Jaguar brand is right away popular with the users. It is an instance of high-end fashion and top-quality. The Elegant, modern, and remarkable experience will never be forgotten by the users.


In this part, you will get answers to the relevant queries. To get the answers just move forward.

Why is the jaguar car named after the animal?

As Lyons and Walmsley’s enterprise grew to increase in popularity, they desired a title that would replicate the feline-nimbleness of their new 2.5-liter, low-slung sports activities car. Therefore, the company was named after the Jaguar animal.

What is the Jaguar hood ornament called?

On some occasions, it is known as the Jumping Jaguar. Usually, it was once added as a hood decoration and is present as a symbol in silver, metal gray, and black.

Is a leopard a jaguar?

The name is different as these animals are from two different continents. From a Latin American perspective, it’s a big cat, and from the general prospect, the jaguar is the name.

Is Jaguar a luxury car?

Yes, the Jaguar was a luxury car. It was born in 1922, Jaguar is a luxurious auto it’s tantamount to opulence in the U.K. And around the world. For over a hundred years, the enterprise has manufactured some of the most praised luxurious motors the world has ever viewed.