Genesis is one of the brands which has earned a huge fame among the people. And why not! Each of their collections is simply the best when it comes to creating a perfect combo of luxury and quality vehicles.
No wonder they stand strong with their head highs among all the other popular brands.

So, do you know anything about this Genesis car logo? If not, and you are searching for an article that will solve all your doubts, then grace yourself as you have landed at the right place.

Symbol, meaning or the back history – we have covered it all!

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The Overview of the Genesis Car Logo

Founded On: 2015
Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
Parent: Hyundai Motor Company
Slogan: “Luxury Evolved”


What is the meaning of the Genesis Logo?

When Hyundai Genesis Sedan first stepped its foot in the automobile industry back in the year 2008, many were shocked to see that it had a completely different logo compared to the one Hyundai has.

Although it was a bit shocking to the people, but later on, they understood and even appreciated it. As this unique car logo of the Genesis has not only helped the distinguishing easier but has also established the Genesis Motors to earn fame as the luxurious division of the Hyundai Motor Group worldwide.

Thanks to their beautiful and exclusive two wings logo design that has the power to grab the eyes wherever it goes. Placed in between the wings is a black color hexagonal shield, which sharply showcases the word “Genesis.”

Here, the wings are basically used in the logo design by the manufacturer to represent its powerpack speed. They are definitely one of the great features of this Genesis car that makes it a cool one among all the other brands.
Worthy of an appraisal!

However, many people depict that these wings solidify them as a premium-quality brand which competes and give a tough fight with other sporting car brands having almost the same logos. For instance, Aston Martin, Chrysler, Bentley, etc.

Luxury Evolved with the Genesis Cars!

Genesis – a popular brand that is known for coming with luxurious cars of all time. Each of them has a certain kind of classiness and elegance towards them which works as a magnet in driving people toward them.

In fact, many people tend to believe that with Genesis cars, a new definition of luxurious cars has been set up. It indeed has maintained its slogan successfully till now.
The result is right in front of our eyes!

Every creation of it is a beauty and the word “wow” is sure to come out of your mouth. Well, it just shows their enthusiasm and strong will to bring revolution in the automobile industry.
Having trouble believing it? Well, then take a look at some of the high-end standard facilities that you will get access to upon considering any of the Genesis G70, G80 or G90:

• Complete LED headlamps
• Smart drive mode
• Intelligent cruise control with “Stop” and “Go” mechanism
• Multi-way power driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar
• Well-executed and graceful leather seating surfaces
• Heated front seats

And what’s more noteworthy about this brand is that you get to have this masterpiece at a much more reasonable rate compared to all the other brands offering almost similar features and functionalities.

Genesis Car Logo

The Great Evolution of the Genesis Logo!

This brand’s evolution is certainly one of the most memorable ones. And why not!
Right from voluminous and complex to now being flat and minimalistic – this brand’s identity is for sure the best example. As a result, a totally different logo evolved, depicting the three independent blocks.

Here, the first one is a shield with a name and two lines expanding to the right and left areas. The second one comes with two wings, including three feathers, and the third one is the bottom caption in sans-serif capital letters.

The main objective of all these changes is to get a distinctive and iconic look, which will be premium but with a perfect combo of elegance and refinement.
Let’s witness all the changes that took place in the Genesis logo in all these years:

2008 – 2015
Designed in the year 2008, this logo was composed of a geometric crest in dark blue and gray shades with thin white outlines inside the perimeter and bold white lettering. All in the uppercase, depicting the brand’s name!

The crest was located in between the two short and thick wings along with smooth softened lines and sharp angles. Coming with a balanced and stable badge – this logo beautifully reflects the essence and objective of this brand.

2015 – 2020
This logo got redesigned in the year 2015, with changes happening only in the contours of the winged badge. There was no sign of any modifications in the color palette and style. In other words, it was a reworking of the previous version.

However, the wings on the logo got thinner and more extended – ultimately giving the logo a whole new modernized and progressive outlook. Here, the white outlining of the crest got disappeared while more gloss got added to the core components’ surface area.

2020 – Current Version of the Genesis logo
It is the current logo with which we are familiar with now. Here, the manufacturer has simplified the logo by turning it into a laconic sign. Eliminating the 3D effect, they have split the top “feather” into two different portions while lightening the background and tweaking the shield.

As a result, it got a slightly different shape compared to the previous one. Furthermore, the authors have included a bottom caption and thus have changed the font to a sleek, thin, sans serif.

Emblem Since 2015
In the year 2015, the company made a great announcement that they were splitting off the Genesis as an independent worldwide luxurious division.

Taking this information into account, each of the models came with a winged badge on the hood, steering wheel and throughout the interior parts. However, the Hyundai’s “H” emblem was still present and could be seen on the rear ends of the vehicles.

As stated by Mike O’Brien – the company’s vice president, their main aim was to let the people know that this brand is a part of the Hyundai lineup series, despite the split as an independent one.

One thing to note is after all the announcements; customers got more linked up to the winged badge one – thinking they were the ultimate mark of uncompromising quality and experiences.

Closing Notes
Genesis – the ultimate name of the luxurious subsidiaries of the popular Hyundai brand. Founded as an independent one in 2015, it currently operates throughout the entire world as one of the best automobile brands for distributing high-end vehicles.

In short, they are a brand that is well-known for coming with the best luxurious models. In fact, they are an ideal reliance where premium quality and elegance meet.
What’s holding you back? Go on a test drive and experience the full luxurious vibes that each of the Gensnes cars has to offer!

Frequently Asked Question
Make sure to have a quick go through the below most asked queries regarding the Genesis car logo and clear up any kind of confusion right away:

Is Genesis a good car brand?
Of course. In fact, they are so good that within a short span, they have successfully established and secured a strong position of their brand in the international market. Many specialists even say they are no less in comparison to the Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and BMW in several ways.

Why does Hyundai Genesis have a different logo?
Initially, the Genesis cars carried the letter “H” logo as like its parent company Hyundai. Later on, some owners replaced this with a winged badge – to establish a luxurious division of the Hyundai Motor Group, popularly known as the Genesis Motors.

Who is the maker of the Genesis brand?
The famous brand Hyundai is the owner of all kinds of vehicles sold under the Genesis brand. They are a part of the great Hyundai Motor Group.