The short description of the Mercury car brand


The company birth: 4, November 1938

The company founder: Edsel Ford

Main product: Automobile manufacturing

Company nature: Subsidiary

Parent company: Ford motor company

The initial stage of the mercury car brand

Mercury is a part of Ford Motor that ceased to exist in 2011. It commenced in 1938 when the original business enterprise developed any other top model. Designers opted for fashion and function, and Henry’s son Edsel Ford determined to provide the automobile with a new company, different from the mainstream. It was once at first deliberate that the Mercury would be something between Lincoln and Ford. The excessive overall performance of the cars was mixed with a balanced price. But the manufacturer should now not stand the opposition and was once compelled to depart the market.

What is the meaning of the mercury car logo?

The mercury car logo comes with some message. With the name waterfall, the design reflects the meaning of delivering attractive cars. On the other hand, the depiction of mercury’s winged helmet describes the company as a powerful machine maker.

In the previous part, it is understandable that the mercury car logo design comes with multiple meanings. Although logos are used to make companies intend, the mercury logo means more than this.

The logo has a general meaning as well as deep meaning. Truly speaking the logo design is based on the original logo. Over the years the design has changed and evolved. However, the brand’s only intent is to make great cars. Thus the logo shows that exact meaning in its silvery round shape.

The history and evolution of the mercury car logo

Although the brand has been in business for eighty years, the logo changed a couple of times. Therefore, the logo kept the main design on those little updates. Amazingly, such a great company hasn’t opted for frequent changes.

The first stage

For the name of the company and logo design, the company founder has made a maximum contribution. Edsel Ford himself got here up with the title for the manufacturer due to the fact it was once his challenge.

Surprisingly, from 103 options, he selected the phrase Ford-Mercury to exhibit the connection to the mother brand. The inbound designers quickly developed a brand that mixed the traditional oval structure of the Ford badge with the phrase “MERCURY.” All letters have been transformed to uppercase for seeking more attention.

However, this image was once not even on due to the fact Ford executives modified their minds and were determined to create Mercury as its company. So the car, which seemed in 1939, used to be named Mercury eight and did not have a visual identification system. The mannequin’s identity was on the chrome grille rather than the symbol.

Later, the designers created an emblem depicting the Roman god Mercury, the consumer saint of all vacationers and merchants. This fictional persona has been an image of the company since 1939 – Ford erected an eight-meter statue of the deity at an automobile show. Then the swish profile of the Mercury was once frequently observed in marketing brochures, it was once no longer used for automobiles for a lengthy time. He first adorned the radiator grilles in 1949. The builders stylized the painting underneath the heraldic sign.

Second stage

The logo with the god Mercury progressively evolved: if his gaze used to be directed to the left, then over time, his head was once to the right. It must be mentioned that this is no longer the sole identification element. From 1960 to 1985, some fashions had a badge depicting a predatory cougar or panther. The Mercury Cougar line stimulated it.

Then, the Mercury Monarch’s hoods started to show emblems in the shape of a giant letter “M” in a ring frame. This came about in the 1970s. An easy image gave an upward jab to a new design, which consisted of three arched strains inside a black circle. She appeared in 1985 and won global fame. The Mercury manufacturer is related solely to this company ornament, which did no longer depart the radiator grilles till 2011.

Mercury car symbol – explanation

We already know the current design of the mercury car symbol is the basis of the first logo design. Therefore, our explanation will be on the running logo design.

Mercury Symbol

Image: Mercury Symbol


Firstly, see the design that comes with a completely round shape. The middle part of the three bars is placed to show the M shape. On the other hand, the borders are in silver color. That part will be in the discussion later. Moreover, on top of the bar, the company name is written.


Overall, the logo comes in two different colors. One is silver and the other one is black. The silver and black combination is a visible color for any logo. Even in dark times, this logo creates an artificial effect to light up. Moreover, in the light of the opposite vehicles, the mercury symbol looks great.


To write the name of the company they used their customized font. Therefore, no exact fonts can be mentioned here. However, all the letters are in capital format. Moreover, to draw high attention the name is typed on the underside of the round border. There is enough distance where each of the letters was placed.

The current mercury logo

The latest Mercury logo uses the sans-serif font. That has an M shape in it. Moreover, the company name is typed on the right side in black shade. Plus, the borders come in a gray color like the previous one. The round plate has black colored middle part.

Overall, this logo has gained popularity with its dynamic design. Especially, positioning the M letter in the middle part is so miraculous. On the other hand, the written form of the company name is not accepted by all fans. Otherwise, the logo is out and out good.

To wrap it up

In comparison with other logos of automobile companies, the mercury logo is so different. As the symbol only changed a few times, no other logo has this kind of record. The mercury logo lasted for so many years due to its attractive designs. Moreover, the mercury logo has direct meaning, unlike delivering complex thoughts.


Here in this part, you will get to know the answers to most of the relevant questions. See the answers to your questions in the below section.

What does the Mercury logo mean?

The mercury logo means mobility and a smart engine with high technology. The Mercury brand aims to provide all those important things on their cars. Thus the symbol indicates those mentioned in its design.

What are Mercury cars known?

The mercury cars are one the nicest cars in the world. The company makes great cars to deliver high performance. Furthermore, the value comes from the successful delivery of top-class cars over the last eighty years.

Is the Mercury logo attractive?

The mercury logo is attractive. They only changed the logo design a few times, but the main style remains the base of the later evolution. All things happen due to attractiveness.

Will the Mercury logo design change in the future?

The ownership of the company changes may bring changes in logo design. However, historically the Mercury logo was changed only three times. Therefore, the changes in nearness are very minimal.