Nissan is a well-known electronic car producer in the world. The logo design of the Nissan company is also famous and has a long history. In this article, all the ins and outs of the Nissan car symbol have been briefly described. 

The short description of the Nissan logo

Company birth: 26 November 1933
Industry: Automobile
Trade name: Nissan Motor Corporation
Companied founder: Masujiro Hashimoto
Company headquarters: Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Japan
Company Official Website


What is the meaning of the Nissan logo?

The Nissan logo design is based on the company’s innovative thinking. As they are the most highly known electronic car producer, their logo resembles that innovative approach. Moreover, the middle of the symbol shows the brand name. 


According to the historian’s suggestion, the company name Nissan is of Japanese origin. The meaning of the word is sun product or the big sun. That mainly indicates that the Nissan brand’s products have power and ability like the sun. 


Almost all the Nissan car symbols, including the company name, are there. Therefore, it’s clear the Nissan brand identifies and reflects powerful innovation through the logo design. Their message is crystal clear. As days have gone by, the Nissan logo has become very popular. People from all over the world try to have this logo on their favorite cars. 


Another way the Nissan logo can have meaning. It means the company is a luxury car producer. They also have some top racing cars. Thereby, the logo resembles strength and smart innovation. 

The history and evolution of the Nissan logo

As Nissan means the powerful sun, all the previous logos have red color in the middle part. That means they feature the sun.

Logo evolution: the first phase

In the first logo, the sun symbol was put on the middle part. The design was round. And the color was completely red. However, the company name was typed on the middle part horizontally on a blue board. The first logo of the Nissan brand was introduced in 1933. 


Nissan Logo evolution
Nissan Logo

However, throughout the evolution of the logo design, the current version of the Nissan icon doesn’t match the original one. You won’t see any red mark on the current icon, while the round sun shape is still there. 


Later, in 1940 another evolution of the Nissan car icon came in. The whole icon was in horizontal shape and the sun was on the top of the bar. The symbol was drawn in red rather than some other color. 


Later another evolution of the Nissan logo came in the year 1950. Although there was no round shape in it, the red mark was still there. The icon was in the red and white mark. Another same type of color appeared in different font styles the next year. 

Logo evolution: The second phase

Nissan has yet to find the exact desired logo. That’s why they named the letters in italic and the colors on the logo were the same. This logo lasted from 1960 – 1967. 


1967 – 1970

The organization was once attempting to discover ideal stability for the wordmark and had a 3-year lengthy test with an italicized rounded typeface, which used to be complemented via a brown shade palette. It was once a brief length and is now not regular for the manufacturer at all.


This logo and the next evolutions don’t have any red color. Therefore, all those designs are in the second phase of the explanation. 


1970 – 1983

During this change, the rectangular frame came back. The company name was in capital letter common serif font. The skinny and straight line of the letters makes the emblem appear smooth and neat, it is now modern-day and inspires a feeling of a technologically-centered approach.


1983 – 2001

The company returned to its original design. The Nissan heritage is celebrated in its “new-old” logo, which aspects an iconic brand and a company name positioned on a rectangular shape.

2001 – 2020

The 2001 Nissan emblem is based totally on the preceding version, however, nowadays it is greater glossy and stylish, and the use of silver colors makes it daring and high-end.


The letters are flawlessly spaced and the traces of the typing style of the company name seem to be extraordinary each when positioned on the icon, and when used on its own.


However, the company has brought another change in 2020. In the next section, you will get an explanation of the past and the present logo design of the Nissan car symbol. 

Nissan car symbol – Explanation


Nissan Logo
The present Nissan logo


This current Nissan logo comes in an iconic design. That design is consistent with modern society. However, this logo doesn’t have any red color. A sun-shaped round border is there and in the middle part, the name of the company is found. 


Surprisingly, the current Nissan logo isn’t painted in three dimension format. Moreover, this logo comes in a classic shade. The designer only used two different colors in it. The background of the logo is white. And the design or the border part of the current logo is in black color. 


For an amazing white background, this logo has a special transparency mode. In the dark time, the symbol also looks nice with a little focus light on it. 


Here the company name is found on the middle part of the logo. The company used their customary font on typing the name. While some others suggest that the company name is in sans serif font. But the company name is typed in capital letters. This traditional approach provides the Nissan logo with special attractiveness. 

Last words

The logo represents the culture and the progress of a company. Likewise, the Nissan logo reflects the true meaning of the company’s aim. The logo features a design that keeps the company and its thoughts properly. 


Over the years of evolution, the logo kept the modern thoughts and customers’ acceptance. No other company has progressed that much like Nissan. Worldwide business and fame are the main proof of the Nissan car brand. 


You may have some questions regarding the symbol of Nissan. To find answers to those confusing questions see the next part of this article. 

What does the Nissan logo represent?

Nissan is a Japanese brand that has a high demand in the automobile sector. The logo represents the land of the rising sun! As the emblem shows Nissan’s origin and culture, its founder Yoshisuke Aikawa attests that the brand coincides with one of the company’s core beliefs: “Shisei ninjitsu o tsuranuku”.

Who designed the Nissan logo?

The logo, which has been three years in the making, was once initiated in 2017 by way of Nissan’s vice president of international graph Alfonso Albaisa. Albaisa set up a diagram group led by Tsutomu Matsuo with the quickness of updating the company’s identification to something “thin, mild and flexible. The current logo was updated based on this design. 


Why did Nissan change their logo?

The company wanted to have a modern logo according to the choice of the customers. Moreover, they wanted a suitable logo that is compatible with the digital platform. Thus, the company changed the design of the logo. 

What is Nissan’s motto?

Nissan is a famous Japanese automobile brand. The company aims to deliver high-quality cars to its customers. Moreover, they are focused on innovation through their research. They want to make an innovative world with modern automobiles. Therefore, the company has become the largest creator of electric cars at this moment.

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