Elon Musk – the wealthiest man on the earth! Everyone knows his famous creation – the Tesla car. He is one of the co-founders of the company, though. He didn’t join the Tesla project from the very beginning, Elon Musk joined the company a few months after its establishment.

Tesla becomes one of the renowned brands across the world because of its production of electric cars that open a new door to the future world.

So, do you know the Tesla logo’s meaning? In this article, we will talk about it in detail. Let’s have a look at the behind story of futuristic cars.

Tesla Brand Overview

Founded: July 1, 2003

Founder: Martin Eberhard / Marc Tarpenning / J. B. Straubel / Ian Wright / Elon Musk

Headquarters: United States

Official Website: www.tesla.com

History of Tesla Company

Burn rubber not gasoline – with this slogan, Tesla started its journey thanks to Nikola Tesla. In 1982 Nikola Tesla developed an AC motor. After discovering alternating currents the world of technology and engineering totally changed. And now we have seen the wide applications of this invention. The engine of Tesla cars is one of them.

Anyways, you already know Elon Musk was not part of the beginning of the company. The original founder of Tesla was Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. A few months later, Elon Musk invested $6.5 million in the company and become its head of it. And no wonder Tesla come this far within this short time because of his prudence and excellent leadership.

The Meaning of Tesla Logos

The first Tesla logo was created to let the world know about electronic cars. The main purpose of the company is to manufacture electric motors and make them available for mass consumers.

Since 2005, Tesla has designed five models. Their names are – Roadster, Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y.

You know, designing a logo is quite important and it indeed plays a vital role in the fame of a brand. Tesla is not any different in this case. The designer express another meaning behind the stylized “T” in the tesla logo.

Elon Musk said in a tweet that the T represents a cross-section of an electric motor. It is like the poles that stick out of the rotor of the motor. On the other hand, the top line represents a section of the stator.

Tesla Logo Original

Tesla Logo Original


The first Tesla logo was created in 2004 by an American Design bureau. The name of the company is RO Studio. This company also designed the logo of Space X, which is the second company of Elon Musk that works with advanced rockets and spacecraft.

Anyways, like any other logo, the Tesla car logo also contains several meanings. The very first thing you will notice is a capital “T” that formed in a shield-like shape. It represents the safety of the car on the road.

You might hear the legend that the Tesla logo looks like a cat nose. Well, you heard it right! Elon Musk himself confirmed the idea. Wanna know why they implement this idea?

Actually, the cat is known for its deep and intuitive beginning and they are quite extraordinary to sense its owner’s mood. Both of these qualities surprisingly match with Tesla. We must say that Tesla come this far because of the owner’s incredible intuition power. On the other hand, like a loyal cat, every single Tesla cars go beyond and further to ensure driver’s safety and provide them with an enjoyable driving experience.

New Tesla Logo

Logo Tesla


So what does the Tesla logo 2022 looks like? You might be surprised to know that the Tesla logo didn’t change much after making the first one. The company just ditched the shield And why would they? This one perfectly reflects the mission and vision of the company and gives a futuristic vibe that successfully catches all the attention.


Emblem Tesla


In the Tesla emblem, the letter “T” is placed in a triangular shape. The overall design looks like a classic heraldic sign.


Font Tesla Logo


The font used in the Tesla logo is pretty special. It contains the element from the main image. The stylized T is also seen here. The “E” and “A” are replaced with vertical lines that symbolize a magnetic field.


Tesla mainly uses silver and black colors to represent the brand. The perfect contrast of silver or white elements on the black background looks amazing. It also signifies energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Maybe you have seen the red color in the Tesla logo and wondering about the red Tesla logo meaning, right? Well, the company sometime uses the combination of white or silver and red to illustrate innovation as well as the revolution in the world of transportation.

Final Words

That’s all about the Tesla logo meaning. The Tesla logo outline is quite meaningful, isn’t it? Tesla is indeed the name of the future and people all over the world can’t help but appreciate their innovative thinking.

So for a unique brand like this, its logo should also have to be unique. And we must say Tesla is successful in this field. Their logo surely represents the brand well and we can vividly sense the message they want to send us.