Have you noticed each brand comes with a different Top 20 Car emblems logo? Do you know the reason behind it?

Well, you can see Top 20 Car emblems with wings nearly everywhere because there are a lot of automobile manufacturers making such logos all over the world. Wings are a common design element on Top 20 Car emblems as a representation of concepts like freedom, speed, and mobility. You can also find subtle use of aircraft imagery and others some symbols with clear signs.

Every car industry uses logos to communicate its meaning as fast and clearly as possible in order to be successful. They generally use imagery and symbols well-known to their audience so that the chance of catching the wrong meaning is less.

Today, we will be discussing about some of the more well-known winged car logos, where every design has its own distinctive story to tell.

Top 20 Iconic car logos with wings

There are several reasons why wing-like Top 20 Car emblems are famous among car companies. Wings, feathers, and other features resembling birds convey the ideas these companies wish to send to the customers through their branding.

As birds are frequently hasty creatures with remarkable precision in their swoops and soars, a set of wings on a Top 20 Car emblems might represent that idea of speed and accuracy. Also, the notion of freedom is conjured up by wings, which is something that many car owners experience while driving.

In order to get clarity into how various car businesses use wings as their logo, let’s know some of the best logos with wings in detail.

1. Alta

Car emblems with wings-Alta
Car emblems with wings

You may not know the name very well or may never have heard of it, but it has been one of the best-selling cars for a certain amount of time. Between 1962 and 1978, a Greek corporation under the name of Alta was in business.

This company has used a lot of designs as its logos over its history, but one of the more recognizable designs included the term “Alta,” designed with bat-like wings.

2. American LaFrance 

American LaFranceAmerican LaFrance, usually known as “ALF,” was a company in the United States that came up with a lot of emergency and rescue vehicles. An eagle was used as a symbol to express the company’s strength and grace, which was in the market from 1873 until 2014.

The business name and an image of an eagle extending its wings were seen on the silver badges attached to ALF’s manufactured automobiles.


3. American Austin 

American AustinAmerican Austin is a vintage auto manufacturing company between 1929 and 1956. Its winged automobile badge also boldly displays the term “American.” The company has a vibrant red and gold color scheme for its logo.

The logo featured a mythical animal – a griffin – with a pair of golden wings in the middle of a red oval.


4. Anteros 


Anteros Coachworks was a tiny business in California. The C6 Corvette-based Anteros manufactured just one car with a mind-blowing 500+ supercharged horsepower.

The company was founded in 2005, and its logo was a bull with a pair of black wings. However, it might not be very much familiar to you.



5. Arash


The Arash Motor Company is a producer of super and hypercars located in England. The company has only produced four models till today’s date. There are currently just two models in the market, and the newest model was brought to the public in 2021.

Due to the company’s low volume production, it is tough to find Arash vehicles on the modern market. They had a wild symbol on their car – a bird swooping down with the intention to attach its prey.


6. Arrinera

ArrineraArrinera has some sleek and fashionable wings, making the emblems one of the subtle ones containing wings in them. These always look trendy forever, no matter how long it has been.

This Polish company was founded in 2008 and has used a variety of logos throughout the years, each with its unique interpretation of the iconic wing symbol.



7. Aston Martin

Aston MartinThe British premium sports car company, Aston Martin, was established in 1913. Aston Martin’s official wing emblem first appeared in 1927, with the business name set against a backdrop of two incredibly eye-catching wings.

Although the design has changed several times throughout the years, the wings have consistently been a part of their emblem.


8. Avion Voisin 

Avion Voisin

The ancient French automobile company Avion Voisin was in business from 1905 to 1946. They are the most renowned company for their unique wings as the emblem.

The Avion Voisin emblem was made of a pair of gold and blue wings and was a lot larger than you’d generally find on any other car with a winged logo.



9. Bandini Automobili

Bandini AutomobiliThe founder, Ilario Bandini, inspired the name of this Italian automaker. The business, which was established in 1946 and left the market in 1992, created magnificent post-war sports cars.

A variety of elements, including the Italian flag and an unnamed bird that resembles a rooster, are combined to form the Bandini logo.





10. BentleyBentley

Bentley is the second British business with a car-and-wings logo. It is most renowned for its luxurious automobiles and extraordinary attention to detail.

Like other businesses that use wings as part of their car logo, Bentley mixes the name “Bentley” with a set of elaborate wings. In the center of the wings, the artwork also features a huge, custom “B.”

11. Bignan


It is a historical winged car logo that is from Bignan, a French car brand serving the market in between 1918 and 1931. The company only served a small group of people in France market. They sold classic “torpedo-body” cars to them, which had four-cylinder engines. 

The company collapsed decades ago, but many vintage car collectors still know the symbol today. 

12. BiddleBiddle

An understated vehicle emblem with wings is the Biddle logo. Only seven years after 1915, and in 1922, the company went out of business.

A banner, a crown, and a pair of wings were placed in the bottom left corner of the company’s symbol, and it essentially resembled a shield. 



13. Bizzarrini


Giotto Bizzarrini is a former engineer for Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. It was founded by an Italian automaker known as Bizzarrini in the 1960s.

Before finally going out of business in 1969, the company built some extremely sophisticated and innovative sports automobiles. A bird was central to the emblem, which had the firm name on a red background.



14. ChryslerChrysler

 There is a possibility that the Chrysler brand’s wings aren’t quite as prominent as some of the other alternatives on our list, but they are nonetheless recognized as such.

In the center of two long silver wings, a blue emblem bearing the word “Chrysler” is displayed as the Chrysler logo. These wings resemble a car’s front bumper from a distance due to their simplicity and lack of detail. 


15. Cole


While it’s possible to argue that the Chrysler brand’s wings aren’t quite as prominent as some of the other alternatives on our list, they are nonetheless recognized as such.

In the center of two long silver wings, a blue emblem bearing the word “Chrysler” is displayed as the Chrysler logo. These wings resemble a car’s front bumper from a distance because of how plain they are.

16. ChanganChangan

The car manufacturer in China, Changan, makes commercial vans, light vehicles, microvans, and passenger automobiles. By the time this article was written, the organization had been in the market for more than 159 years.

Although the Changan emblem appears to have a straightforward V shape, it is actually meant to resemble a pair of wings.


17. Donkervoort

DonkervoortIn 1978, a little-known Dutch manufacturer began producing hand-built, incredibly light sports cars. Although the brand’s logo is a very basic representation of a pair of wings, it nonetheless counts for the purposes of this list. The wings resemble those employed by the Chrysler Company in terms of style. 


18. DurantDurant

 Lansing, Michigan-based Durant Motors is not a well-known business founded in 1921. The group has used a number of official logos throughout the years, one of which included a mythical beast resembling a dragon perched on a star. The fabled animal was a common feature on many of Durant’s crest designs.



19. Duesenberg

Duesenberg was a former US automaker that opened its doors in 1913 and shut them again in 1937. Some of the recognizable automobiles are still there and kept by collectors. The brand’s emblem is an eagle in gold with the name “Duesenberg” supported by its wings.

In this illustration, the bird’s tail bottom bears the number “8”.





It is one of the biggest Chinese car manufacturers and a national state-owned corporation. The company is well known for creating a wide variety of vehicles, including light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks, passenger buses, and other vehicles.


To Wrap Up

You will see wings in a lot of car logos, but each of them expresses different meanings. Where some wing emblems express power, others might express peace and harmony.

But none of them copes with the other. In fact, each car emblems with wings create distinct emblems with a distinct meaning, which sometimes makes them stand out from the completion of cars.