The mysterious Volvo logo is the reason for many questions from car lovers. What is the meaning of the Volvo logo and where did it come from? These are the most asked queries from the common point of view. Let’s find the answers from this comprehensive writing.

As this is a Swedish brand, the name Volvo came from the Swedish language. The meaning and the history of the Volvo logo have significant Swedish influences.

The short description of the Volvo car brand


Company formation: 1927

Name of the founder: Gustav Larson & Assar Gabrielson

Head Office: Gothenburg, Sweden

Company type: Vehicle manufacturer

Logo comment: popular

What is the meaning of the Volvo logo?

I am rolling, it’s the real name of the Volvo company. Although the company is Swedish, the name came from old Latin terms.

According to the Swedish meaning, Volvo stands for quality. The company wanted to bring more quality to the automobile industry. And successfully did so. Thereby, the brand name was put on the logo. Furthermore, it shows the brand’s motto to deliver high-quality automobiles.

When it comes to car names, the Volvo company stands firmly. The logo also completely describes companies’ intentions. Moto and delivery are on the same line.

Volvo Logo – Explanation

The current version of the Volvo logo is a transparent logo. It is so simple and quite adjacent to modern times.

The logo arrives with a circular borderline. The border line is drawn in black color. On the upper right side, an arrow symbol is also outlined. That indicates the flying and boundaryless manufacturing idea of the company.

And on the center part of the logo, the name of the brand is written. Although the font is not recognizable, the letters are typed in capital format. Overall, you will find a black combination in this logo design.

As Volvo has different types of automobiles, the company has various types of logos. For trucks, the logo comes with silver color boundaries. But the name is written in black font. This is the only difference between regular and irregular logo design.

The history and evolution of the Volvo car logo

From the very early stage of its existence, Volvo uninterruptedly delivered fashions of cars, the place the high-security stage and excessive fantasy had the most important priority. The agency has been manufacturing luxury cars, searching for an opportunity to make representations, sports activities models, pricey and less expensive ones.

During the years of the long run of the brand, the logo design has gone through so many changes. Here you will see primary and present evolutions and reasons for the evolution of the Volvo car logo.

Who was the logo designer?

The history line will be incomplete without pointing to the designer’s name. The Volvo image used to be created in the Fifties by Karl-Erik Forsberg, the famed Swedish artist, picture artist, and typographer. It contains the prehistoric chemical mark of Iron. This archaic brand additionally reflects Mars, the God of War, and “male” the gender image denoting.

First Volvo logo of 1927

The first logo was designed during the early days of the company. The logo was the prominent face of the company for the first three years.

First Volvo logo of 1927


Image: Old Volvo Logo

It was once determined to restore the badge on the radiator grille in an easy way with the assistance of the diagonal stripe. After a while, this stripe will emerge as Volvo’s famous, special insignia. A dark-blue oval with the inscription “Volvo Gothenburg Sweden” was once constant below the radiator cork itself. First, there used to be no single widespread use for the logo, for a lengthy while the firm’s creators transformed the insignia based totally on their wishes.

Over the years the Volvo logo has consistently evolved. However, the brand name was always in the logo.

Present Volvo logo

Present Volvo logo

Image: The Current Volvo Car Symbol

In the year 2021, the logo was evaluated for the last time. It is slightly different in shape compared with the first logo of 1927. Unlike some other logos, the present version of the Volvo logo is completely unrecognized from the first one. This logo is appropriate for the current generation.


Volvo has been doing great in the automobile industry for many years. During its long time of business, the car manufacturer has provided so many spectacular models of vehicles in the market. Thereby, the Volvo car symbol has become a common face for the fans. Also, the Volvo car logo is part of the company’s history, pride, and growth.


May you have more queries regarding the Volvo car symbol. To get answers to some common queries regarding this topic, just have a look at these listed questions and answers.

Where did the Volvo symbol come from?

Many people believe the symbol was inspired by an ancient chemical iron symbol. However, the word Volvo is closer to the Spanish meaning. The article states the automobile was designed to make transportation simple. It is also a belief in the birth of the Volvo symbol.

Why did Volvo change its logo?

Volvo says– the remodel is a “modern” reinterpretation of the unique brand that ambitions to keep its essence. The new emblem is an all-black, flat diagram that keeps the equal round structure and upward-pointing arrow early drawn via the manufacturer in 1927.

Why is the Volvo symbol a male?

In the time of the Renaissance period, it grew into a synonymous form consistent with the male gender (the symbol for Venus being the girl gender).

What does Volvo mean in Latin?

It changed from the hidden Latin, the phrase “Volvere” potential “to roll.” After conjugation, the period “Volvo” has a literal meaning – “I roll.”

What is Volvo’s slogan?

The slogan of Volvo is inspiring and meaningful. It refers to “Volvo your life”, which means “Roll your life” in Latin. Life, is now not solely capacity one’s lifestyle begins, however additionally the way our life passes, the best of our lives. So protection is the core thought of Volvo Cars.