Toyota logo

The brand Toyota is another name of quality, reliance, and durability – something you can count on without any kind of doubt. In fact, without their inclusion, the list of the top car brands will be incomplete.
They have certainly brought a revolution in the automobile industry by giving back-to-back high-quality vehicles, mesmerizing generation after generation.

But do you know what the Toyota logo stand for?
No worries, as this article will give you all the necessary details regarding Toyota‘s rich history.
Just read it with patience and get ready to unveil all the secrets.

What Does The Toyota Logo Stand For – The Meaning of the Toyota Logo

Toyota is a famous Japanese brand that is well-recognized around the globe due to its top-notch performance and quality. The logo comes with a staging platform with a red surround and 3 ovals integrated into a horizontally symmetrical configuration.
The 2 perpendicular ovals in the bigger one reflect the customer’s heart and the company‘s heart. They are basically overlapped to show the mutually beneficial association and trust between both parties.
While the overlapping symbolizes the “T” for Toyota. Each of the ovals is contoured with various kinds of stroke thicknesses, similar to the Japanese brush art culture.
On the other hand, the space in the background symbolizes the infinite values that Toyota wishes to say to their valuable customers about its brand.
They are the 2nd biggest automobile brand globally, right behind Volkswagen, depending on the 2018 sales unit. Hino, Lexus, Daihatsu, and Ranz are some of the noteworthy names of the Toyota Motor Corporation.
Their official slogan is “Let’s go Places” to represent that you can move anywhere comfortably if you have this brand’s vehicle with you. Driving couldn’t get any better and more convenient!

Founded On: 1937
Founder: Kiichiro Toyoda
Headquarters: Toyota City, Japan

Different versions of the Toyota Logo

This logo started off its journey in the year 1989, and since then to the present date, they are rocking the industry with its top-rated vehicles.
They have undergone varied alterations over the past. Such as the emblem on the AA model was the 1st passenger car of this brand, featuring a hood ornament with wings to represent speed. Plus, they have also retained the original name of the company, “Toyoda,” on a red and blue background on this model.
From this example from the past and making the comparison between the past and the current logo, it is clearly evident how this logo has evolved over the past years.

Was Toyota originally called Toyoda?

The name “Toyota” comes from the family of the founder, Sakichi Toyoda. At first, they were sold with a Toyoda emblem. Later on, in the year 1936, the company decided to bring change in its logo, ultimately leading to the birth of the current one, Toyota.
Now the question may come, why did these changes take place in the first place? Was it necessary?

Well, it was from the company’s perspective. Firstly, “Toyota” represents a voiceless consonant sound in Japanese that is deemed as more clear than the voiced consonant in “Toyoda.” Next comes the strokes factor; the term “Toyota” contains precisely 8 strokes, which is considered to be associated with wealth and good fortune. Besides, the modifications also mark the company’s expansion from being a small independent company to truing into a larger corporate enterprise.
All these things combined have eventually given birth to the new logo, “Toyota” from “Toyoda.”

Closing Notes

That’s all from what the Toyota logo stand for!
Toyota Motor Corporation is certainly one of the biggest automobile companies in terms of producing high-quality vehicles. Be it trucks, SUVs, crossovers, sedans, hatchbacks or hybrids – this brand has got your back!
In fact, if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy brand within your comfortable budget, then Toyota is the brand to go for.

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