Surprisingly you are going to get the details about the oldest automobile brands logo in today’s blog post. You may have heard about the Peugeot car, and wanted to know about the meaning of the Peugeot logo for many reasons. All your long-cherished answers are on this blog.

Short description of the Peugeot brand


Company foundation: 1896

Founder member: Armand Peugeot

Headquarters: Paris, France

Logo change: Yes

The slogan of the company: Motion & emotion

What is the meaning of the Peugeot logo?

The logo of Peugeot reflects durable manufacturing more than bringing styling cars. The company’s main intention was to bring long-lasting automobiles to the market. Consequently, that will have high performance and long service.

However, no specific meaning that will describe the logo in one word. The company wanted to bring high-quality cars to the 18th century. Their primary intention was to make quality cars rather than doing multiple silly things. Thereby, the logo was drawn in the name of quality rather than other things.

The Peugeot logo carries a slogan of capacity for the cutting-edge sketch of basic and timeless icons. It is an assured and daring image, whose steel shade palette provides reliability and belief to the manufacturing company.

The Peugeot logo – Explanation

The Peugeot logo is three-dimensional. The symbol of the lion comes with more dynamism. Although the lion shape was inspired by the founder family’s traditional business, it is more suitable with the automobile logo. Over the years, the logo has changed quite a bit but did not leave the early days model.


Firstly, you need to know about the color, to understand the logo’s message from deep inside. It is fascinating that in the color answer Peugeot grew to become out imitative, this is a white and a blue one as in the case of Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, and Fiat. Hence, this is an astounding aggregate of colorations for auto logos.


In all changes to the Peugeot logo, the presence of the lion symbol is common. It reflects the family business as well as the quality of the automobiles of lions. Hence, the lion is a powerful animal that possesses higher quality than other animals. Likewise, the Peugeot car comes with rare qualities and lasting abilities of a successful lion. The life of a lion and the machine life of the automobile comes in comparison to this particular logo.


The present model of the Peugeot logo has a usual typeface designed especially for the enterprise by way of French kind clothier and photograph fashion designer Christophe Badani.

Currently, the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group subject is the largest non-public business enterprise in France and occupies the respectable 2d vicinity of motor car makers in the European continent.


The written font of the Peugeot logo is Arial type. But it is not completely written in Arial. The logo name was typed in capital letters. Usually, all car logos come with similar font types but there is a separation of characters on the name in the Peugeot logo.

The history of the Peugeot logo

Peugeot is a French automobile company, which used to be mounted in 1810 with the aid of Emile Peugeot. Today it is a phase of PSA Peugeot Citroë brands and is the second-largest automobile procedure on European soil (after the famous Volkswagen automobile manufacturer)

The beginning of the Peugeot challenge was once in the year 1812. For a long time the situation manufactured metal production, then bicycles, the first auto rolled off the manufacturing line in 1889.

The Peugeot brand originated from a heraldry signal and used to be constructed for Peugeot by using a jeweler and engraver Justin Blazer, on a basis of the province flag, the place, in the beginning, the Peugeot plant had been located. In distinct periods, a lion used to be depicted as the symbol; it used to be proven totally or simply it is the head.

The evolution of the Peugeot logo

During the long journey, the logo has been changed on multiple occasions. Nonetheless, the presence of the brand name and the lion symbol was always there. Here the last recognition change came in the logo design in the recent time. The fresh logo was opened in 2021 and still, it is considered a symbol of the brand.

The evolution of the Peugeot logo

Image: Peugeot Logo 

The recent form of the logo has a golden lion symbol on it. Surprisingly, that lion is standing on two legs. And it is more focused on hunting. All of those are symbolic formations to give a message about the brand’s movement in the present day. However, on the upper side, the brand is written in silver color. The logo is placed in a standing shape, rather than using the horizontal shape anymore.

The background is painted in black color. There is no presentation of transparent color just like the previous one of 2010.

Notable issues

As the completely fresh Peugeot motors will enter manufacturing soon. New Peugeot fashions will be known as Air Hybrid. This is a phase of the software that reduces gasoline consumption and brings the drift charge up to two liters of gasoline for every one hundred km of mileage. The assignment is to acquire this result by the way 2020 is set. However, no longer all new automobiles Peugeot will be equipped with engines of such gasoline consumption at once.


The logo is a subject matter of the introduction of a brand. However, the brand has a better introduction with the quality of product supplies on the market. Here, Peugeot also did the same. The brand successfully manufactured top-quality cars and did the same thing for more than 100 years. That is a challenging thing in today’s consequences. Likewise, the Peugeot brand logo has become famous and was the first introduction of the famous brand.


To get answers to more questions, please see the below part.

Why has Peugeot changed its logo?

Starting from these 12 months General Motors revamped its emblem to replicate its force towards an “all-electric future”. The manufacturer’s emblem changed.

Is Peugeot an animal?

The Type VA was once the first of a tradition of fashions to elevate the “Lion-Peugeot” name. The company starts the experience with a lion photo on the brand which displays their household business. In reality, the Peugeot isn’t always an animal however it is the identity of the brand.

Is Peugeot a luxury car?

No, the Peugeot isn’t a luxury car anymore. The price is considerably higher than some models of this famous car brand.

What is Peugeot famous for?

The brand has been doing multiple businesses since the early days of the 18th century. However, the Peugeot brand became famous for making good-quality cars.