Today our talking point is the most popular Chevrolet automobile brand’s logo. With a high focus on the history of the Chevrolet car symbol, meaning, evolution, and more essential notes. As an audience, you just need to move forward to know all that amazing information about the Chevrolet logo.

A short description of the Chevrolet car symbol


Company birth: Nov 03, 1911,

The founder: Louis Chevrolet

The main niche: The automobile manufacturer

The company slogan: find new roads

The company headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, USA

What is the meaning of the Chevrolet car logo?

Chevrolet became famous for the supply of top-class automobiles over the years. Consequently, The Chevrolet emblem tries to showcase the price accessible from the manufacturer at a glance.

Generally, described as a bowtie, or a cross, the Chevy logo is handy to apprehend somewhere in the world. However, the meaning of the Chevy emblem is tougher to distinguish.

Today’s Chevrolet’s logo is a wide, slanted pass in completely gold and black. The format was once initially brought with the aid of the co-founder of Chevrolet, William C. Durant way back in 1913.

The meaning

Generally, the Chevrolet car symbol reflects the intention of manufacturing high-performance cars all over the world. Successfully, launching new models of automobiles was most likely inspired by the religious point of view.

The golden color on the cross sign resembles the golden era of manufacturing high-performance automobiles.

The history and the evolutions of the Chevrolet car logo

Though we understand the time when the Chevrolet emblem was first introduced, Chevy says the births are particularly murky. One principle from Chevrolet is that Durant used to be stimulated by way of a sample he noticed on wallpaper when he was once on holiday in Paris.

Durant’s daughter Margery considers the layout was once completely new. In her ebook about her father, Margery stated Durant would usually doodle name plate patterns.

However, Durant’s wife, Catherine addition, says the emblem got here from a daily newspaper advert in Virginia. According to Catherine’s statement, William noticed the advert and thought it would be perfect for the Chevy car logo.

The last idea appears to be the most practical, as Ken Kaufmann, editor, and historian for The Chevrolet Review discovered a model of the emblem in a newspaper advert from November 2011.

After all, the Chevrolet car logo is considered one of the well-designed car logos existing in today’s time.


The Chevy bowtie is one of the well-known car emblems on earth. This graph has regarded Chevrolet co-suppliers or the dealerships in view since 1913. Just before the Chevrolet bowtie emblem used to be born, the preliminary brand was once a signature-style wordmark with no meaningful structure.

Over the years the Chevrolet car logo has been changed or updated numerous times. However, on most of the updates, the main cross or plus icon remained the same. Thereby, most people believe the Chevrolet symbol is incomplete without the cross sign.

It is so amazing that so many updates and changes happened by keeping the company’s core symbol right.

Notable information

The awesome name print of the mark matched is the regular sign of the co-founder of the brand.

The evolutions of the Chevrolet bowtie logo

The changes were made to the logo design to keep track of the time. People’s choice and taste changes frequently. Thereby, no company can run well with the same logo for years and years.

In comparison with the first logo of 1911, the latest updated Chevrolet logo doesn’t receive unexpected changes. As the latest Chevrolet bowtie logo has some meaningful stories, our focus and explanation will be based on the latest design.

The current Chevrolet bowtie logo

The current evolution of the car symbol is divisible into two main phases. In 2004, Chevrolet commenced a section in the golden bowtie that is nowadays released as the company identification for all of its automobiles and vehicles marketed worldwide.

The Chevrolet logo

Image: The Chevrolet logo

The current Chevrolet logo is an aggregate of a textured featured golden bowtie, with a narrow and slick chrome border. The textured gold appears to replicate the look of a set of headlights, and the silver lines provide a factor of luxury and high performance.

Chevrolet sometimes makes use of the “Chevrolet” wordmark under the bowtie. But, the brand by myself has come to be so iconic at this point, that it’s identifiable with no reference to the identity of the automobile manufacturing company. Chevy’s brand is clear, identical, and effortless to pinpoint from everywhere.

The Chevrolet car logo explanation

Here in this part, we will discuss the different parts of the logo to make your understanding clear.


Chevy has been redesigned with quite several colorings for its brand from time and time. The current, the most identifiable hues are the golden Chevrolet bowtie, with a silver border. The wordmark typically seems to be either white or black.


The Chevrolet font is a customized sans serif font designed in particular for Chevrolet. There are variations reachable nowadays which seem similar, such as the Aviano Future font style.


It’s a design that comes forward with golden color cross lines. Besides the marking design, the company name is written in sans serif font style. That design nails the show and makes it quite popular.

Final words

Overall, the Chevrolet symbol is a popular symbol for car lovers. Although the company makes different types of automobiles they are famous for making classic cars. In addition, the Chevrolet bowtie logo has become so famous and well-recognizable to all.

Years of renovation have made today’s logo up to date according to the current heights of users. The design also appears with positive meanings. That more or less makes the fans happy.


Here in this part, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions on Chevrolet car symbols.

Why is the Chevy symbol a cross?

According to the Chevrolet Corporation, this well-known bow tie image used to be stimulated using a Paris hotel’s wallpaper that spotted the charm of Chevy co-founder William Duret.

What is Chevrolet known for?

Chevrolet has been a famous automobile manufacturer for more than 100 years. This company is most well known for making exclusive editions of cars.

What is the origin of the word Chevrolet?

As the name was given by the owner of the brand, the meaning is only known to him. Practically, the Chevrolet may indicate high faith and high-performance business.

Will the Chevrolet logo be designed in the future?

Over the years the Chevrolet logo has gone through so many changes. The company brought so many changes to keep track of the choice of users. So, it’s clear that the company always prioritizes the modern choice and keeps the necessary updates. Thereby, it is evident that the logo design will change in the future based on the appeal of the users.