For more than 100 years the Bugatti has been a famous name in the automobile industry. They are more famous for their unique design and top-level production. As the brand is highly known all over the world, the logo also became so popular among car lovers. Let’s see the discussion below to know about the Bugatti logo.

A short description of the Bugatti car brand



Company name: Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S

Company birth: 1909

Head office: Molsheim, Alsace, France

Change in the logo: Yes

Joint venture: Yes (Volkswagen)

What is the meaning of the Bugatti car logo?

The Bugatti car logo means high performance and a special edition of cars. The logo stands as a symbol of a racing car. However, Bugatti has different types of automobiles in the industry. The logo was designed to show the magnificent build of automobiles. The design keeps the name on the logo due to the request of the company founder.

Although no actual meaning is behind the logo, it has inspiration from the founder of the Bugatti brand. Hence, in the following section, you will have more clear ideas about the Bugatti car logo. Undoubtedly, The Bugatti emblem is one of the most long-lasting samples of the car enterprise’s visible identity.

The Bugatti car logo – explanation

The Bugatti Emblem is written on a horizontally placed oval with sixty dots around its perimeter. The dots are set on a distinction medium-thickness defined by the oval.

Bugatti car logo

Image: Bugatti car logo

There are two variations of the meaning of the dots: sensible and lyrical. The first one indicates that the dots symbolize security wires, whilst the 2nd model indicates the dots as pearls, celebrating the company’s information in fine design.

The brand additionally has an all-caps logo on it and the brand’s symbol on the pinnacle of the wordmark.


To design the Bugatti car logo three different colors are in use. They are red, white and black. Here red is considered the primary color. It eventually represents passion and love, eternal power, and a different style of the company.

On the other hand, the white color always resembles purity and simplicity. No different things also happen here. To counter the white, the black on the logo is used as a reflection of professionalism over making money.


To press the company name on the logo, and the EB sign the sans serif font was used. If you look closely you will see the font is written in three-dimensional form. That eventually sends more life to the name.


The history of the Bugatti car logo

The mind-blowing emblem used to be designed with the aid of Ettore Bugatti’s father, Carlo, who used to be a very well-known in Italy ring clothier and artist.

The Bugatti emblem appears like a jewel itself. Its comfortability and finesse are fit for all generations and made the brand’s visible identification one of the classics of the brand styles.

Bugatti is a joint venture of the Volkswagen automobile industry. The founder of the company Ettore Bugatti was a German automobile designer. At the same time, he started to manufacture Bugatti cars on French soil at his production house. Then the car company named Bugatti.  

One extra vital element of the Bugatti’s visible identification is its sign, which is positioned above the wordmark. The image is composed of two letters “E” and “B”, standing back-to-back, the place “E” is mirrored. The letters are the representation of the founder Ettore Bugatti.


Ettore Bugatti handed it over in 1947 and, due to the fact his son had surpassed it in 1939, there was once no inheritor to the brand. Thereby, Automobiles Ettore Bugatti ceased manufacturing its cars for a long time.

The new life of the Bugatti brand

In the 1990s, an Italian businessman revived the Bugatti company as a producer of restricted manufacturing luxurious overall performance vehicles like the one-off Centodieci: a currently launched mannequin with 10 gadgets made. Many Weston overall performance car lovers are amazed to examine that today, the Bugatti company is owned by using the Volkswagen venture.

Since then, Bugatti has been moving fast. And doing great in the automobile business. Later this company became more famous for making top-level racing cars.

The logo evolution

When it comes to changes in the logo, there are so many changes. As the brand has been running for more than 100 years bringing changes was evident. Surprisingly, the designer didn’t change the logo completely.

On some changes, they have introduced a new font style. During some recent changes that have changed the raw color of the logo. However, the overall look of the logo has remained the same for years. Hopefully, the brand will keep this logo for the upcoming years also.


No one can ignore that the Bugatti automobile company has seen so many ups and downs. However, they are still in business because of the supply of great cars. Historically, the brand stood top of any french car brand. During the days of the tragedy, the company paused for a while.

Nonetheless, the Bugatti turned back and turned strongly. In recent times, the logo of the Bugatti brand became more popular and an iconic figure. The history of the Bugatti logo is amazing and has many messages for doing trustworthy business.


The following section has answers to some relevant queries on the Bugatti logo.

What is the meaning of Bugatti?

The name Bugatti came from the founder name of the company. It is a French motor manufacturer which is a subsidiary of Volkswagen.

What animal is on the Bugatti logo?

On the logo a symbol of a Cheetah is present. The reason for putting cheetahs on the logo is to show the fastest speed of a car like a cheetah has with their small body. They are faster than other large and small animals.

Who made the Bugatti logo?

The famous logo was designed by Ettore Bugatti’s father Carlo. Carlo was a famous jewelry designer and top-class artist during that era.

How many Bugattis are in the world?

Surprisingly, Bugatti’s cars are rare and not for everyone. The number of Bugatti cars is only 300, which is very low during their 100 years of cooperation.

Who owns Bugatti now?

After the shocking death of the Bugatti, and the early departure of his only son the company had no ownership. However, the company was newly started under the famous Volkswagen automobile company. Hence, the Bugatti is owned by the Volkswagen company.